Hands On Healing Testimonials

Sports / Fitness Fusion Massage
Instructor:  Frances Nicolais

“One of the best massage classes I’ve taken. Very applicable, efficient and overall enjoyable. Frances is a great instructor. She makes sure we function well as therapist and be the best we can be. Take this class!”
-Chris Q., Pasadena, CA

“Really cool techniques, such a high variety and so very useful. Frances is a great teacher as always. Very clear and passionate instruction. I can see immediate results from the techniques.”
-James H., La Canada, CA

“Great class, the principles and techniques will all compliment all areas of your practice. I’ve already begun implementing several techniques with positive reception from clients.”
-Michael L., Los Angles, CA

“Sports fusion is by far the best class I have taken at HHI. The stretches are great for anyone having muscle tension. The integration of myfascial, Shiatsu, and stretching into one modality is amazing. Frances is a great teacher. I enjoy learning from her.
-Richard R., Covina, CA

“I really enjoyed the class. It gave me the opportunity to receive and give effective body changing bodywork.”
-Anne F., Montrose, CA

“Another great class. Thanks Frances, you did it again!”
-Frank S., Whittier, CA

“This class is so energizing. Very great massage technique. It is one of my favorites.”
-Elena, T., Los Angeles, CA

“The techniques learned in this class are applicable in so many settings. There is no need for lotion, it can be done over cloths too. The principles learned can be applied to whatever muscle groups  you need to work on.”
-Shelley H., Sherman Oaks, CA

“This class gave me a whole new set of tools that I have already started to incorporate into my practice. I loved this class and am grateful to have taken it.”
-Tatiana V., Los Angeles, CA

“This sport massage is really useful and I can combine a lot of the techniques that I have learned from this class into my regular massage. Frances is really a great teacher, really goes into detail of each technique and made sure that we all understand and do it right…Love all the classmates as well. Every massage therapist should consider taking this class. It is not just for athletes but for a lot of intense cases in the client as well.”
-Didi B., Van Nuys, CA

“The class further explored the amazing benefits of myofascial release and combined with the sports and the other modalities made this class phenomenal. The muscle energy work can be a stand-alone modality itself. All in all this was a wonderful experience.”
-Michele B., San Bernardino, CA

“Great Class! I got to learn some cool stuff to add to my practice. Makes you feel ready to exercise after you have been worked on with Sport Fitness Fusion Massage.”
-Michael C., Canyon Country, CA

“Great Class for adding tools to your “belt” that are very effective and easy on the therapist to execute. It covers all areas of the body and is easily incorporated into other modalities.”
-Teresa C., Los Angeles, CA

“Honestly one of my favorite classes I have taken at HHI. The combo of deep pressure, muscle energy and stretches with MFR, etc. Made this a fun and exciting class to take. Highly suggested. Frances high and positive energy is worth the class in itself. Amazing and Knowledgeable instructor.”
-Holly F., North Hollywood, CA

“This class was one of my favorite experiences with learning massage. I have learned so much in this class about the body, stretching, trigger points, and incredible new techniques. I can implement in my own practice. Frances is amazing, she is fun, energetic, knowledgeable and inspirational.”
-Aaron H., Studio City, CA

“Fantastic Class! So many new, effective techniques to add to my massage. The concepts combined with the techniques helps in general with body work. Understanding the concepts even helps so I can improvise moves based on client needs and my own comfort. Frances is Awesome, Thank you.”
-Patricia K., Saugus, CA

“The techniques are efficient and practical! Easily incorporated into other modalities.”
-Charlene L., Temple City, CA

“This class gives you confidence to perform a “sports” massage for a full 60 to 90 minute session. Whether or not your patient is an athlete. The techniques can all be performed with the client clothed and without lotion, giving you more flexibility when working with different clientele.”
-Lynnette M., Los Angeles, CA

“This class size was perfect, and the subject matter attracted great students. Instruction was always clear, and the instructor fielded questions with a casual, personable style. The therapeutic goals of the work were always central to the presentation.”
-Todd M., Marina Del Ray, CA

“Amazing moves from head to toe. We learned a lot about the fascia and how it works and how to release it. Awesome class!”
-Melinda S., La Crescenta, CA

“This class really helped me clarify & become more confident in when to use which technique. Thank you Frances & HHI.”
– Alysa W.

“For all MFR students! This class is amazing and informational. I can’t wait to use these techniques on my clients.”
– Jessica L.

“This is a fantastic class to get your clients used to participating in their healing process and actively participating in their session.”
– Nancy M.

“Get ready to expand your toolbox. If you feel stagnate- this class is for you!”
– Vanessa R.

“I am going to use these techniques in my work. Easy on the practitioner and insanely therapeutic for the client.”
– Heriberto F.

“Gave me lots of new tools and insight into blending them into a harmonious whole.”
-Neil E.,

“Fitness Fusion  is one of my most favorite classes! I learned how to open myself to playing with a client’s body in so many ways. I also learned to bring the client actively into the session.”
– Adam H.

“I really got a great workout from this class, whether as a therapist or as a client. You get instant feedback from your client. You can actively participate as a team with your therapist. This class was fun.”
– Linhua W.

“Expanded my massage mindset to use my tools in a new effective way. Understanding what situations call for certain parts of the body allow me a greater freedom in treating a specific area. The stretches opened up my own body. I found a few new moves I will add to each session.”
-John K.

“The gifts I learned from the Workout Companion  Myofascial Release continue to unfold and benefit me, which I’d like to share in case you can use any of it in future marketing materials for the course:
I’ve woven a good percentage of the MFR techniques into my massages at the Peninsula Spa,(a 5-star spa).  I started the spa gig soon after taking the Workout
Companion, and have used what I’ve learned with great effect  on guests so impressed, they’ve requested repeat bookings with  me during their hotel stay!!

I worked on one gentleman traveler requesting “Thai Massage” who had an extremely tight lower back, hips and shoulders. After  consulting with him on the outcome he desired, I implemented the Workout Companion techniques throughout the session, and he got off the table saying it was easily one of the best treatment he’s ever had!
Management got wind of my positive reviews and I’ve moved up the list of on-call therapists to 1st called! This is big – I’ve never before worked in a spa, much less a demanding, high-end spa! Register yourself now into this class! It’s should be called “Secret Weapons to alleviating back/neck/shoulder tension with little
effort such that your income doubles! Of any class I’ve taken, this has had the most profound effect on  increasing my request-ability and income. Another new hire massage therapist was raving about the benefits of Myofascial Release. There is a buzz about this work that’s worthy of listening to. And I look forward to the next class I’m able to take with you!
In appreciation”,
Zumi – Vance

“As a relatively new massage therapist, the Fitness Fusion class really marked a turning point for me. The techniques taught in this class added some amazing, effective alternative to my Swedish and Deep Tissue practice, and I got great feedback from clients immediately. What’s more, learning these techniques really helped build my confidence in assessing, interpreting, and treating client’s needs. I am a more body-aware therapist after this class, and for that I am grateful! Frances breaks down the course material into perfect, digestible chunks in each class. Every MT needs to take Workout Companion!”
– Susan P

“I Attended the Workout Companion class to learn some new tools and I came away with valuable moves that are now part of my main deep tissue massage…doing less work and saving more time! What I learned literally sneaked into my core massage routine and my clients are responding very positively to the new approaches to the chronic problems: back, sciatic, shoulder, neck…etc. I’m getting new kinds of massage feel-good noises when I work on these problem areas, and I’ve noticed a bump in my frequency of scheduling with certain clients! This Myofascial release series is fun to do; your clients will thank you and ask for more! It’s a thorough, informative fun class taught by the Myofascial Mistress herself, Frances Nicolais. Well worth it to get this one under your belt!”
– Zumi V

“I really enjoyed this class and all the different techniques that were taught. I work in a chiropractor’s office and feel that I’m better prepared to help my clients with tier specific issues therapeutically with greater success. I love Deep Swedish, bit I have now incorporated many of the techniques Frances taught in this class and will be back to learn more. I highly recommend this work for any therapist wanting to have more tools to draw upon therapeutically.
– Mona M.

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