Hands On Healing Testimonials –
Reflexology (Ear/Hand/Foot)

Instructor:  Stefanie Sabounchian

“Stefanie has amazing energy and great vibe, very pleasant and gentle explaining. Loved the way Stefanie teachers, her patience, the knowledge and sense of humor.”
-Luba C., Los Angles, CA

“This class is well-developed. The teacher is excellent and patient.”
-Margie B., Idaho

“This is an amazing class that teaches a great amount of knowledge surrounding the body systems in the feet, hands, and ears. Stefanie is a fantastic and patient teacher who makes it safe to ask questions and explore reflexology. I leave with a strong feeling of being confident to share points and routines with family and confident to share points and routines with family and friends as well as myself. Highly recommend taking this class. Thank you so much! Really enjoyed everything.”
Lauren M., Mount Wilson, CA

” I had been interested in reflexology for over 30 years and finally decided to take the plunge and learn it. I’m super excited that I took this basic course and have already helped a family member since Stefanie was very encouraging about practicing. Sure had a lot of fun with Stephanie and all the class members.”
-Marie Z., Pasadena , CA

“Reflexology works!”
Josefina P., LA, CA

“This class allows us to become healers for ours and others.”
Robert L., LA, CA

“Stefanie has wonderful enthusiasm and leveling skills. She is deeply connected with her works as a reflexology,  and her sharing that with the class is very inspiring. She is very supportive of everyone learning curves, and thoroughly explains, the techniques with patience.”
Craig H., Topanga, CA

“This has been a greatly informative class. I feel that I now have a basis for Reflexology that I previously had no idea about. This is something I have always wanted to learn, and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to take this class.”
– Andrew E.,   Sherman Oaks, CA

“The Reflexology Class was very comprehensive and informative. In addition to learning about Reflexology, I am joyful for learning in a relaxed environment, and knowing that my health benefited from the practice/session.”
– Robert L.,  Los Angeles, CA

“I enjoyed this class a lot and learned so much about our body; to me the reflexology is great. Stephanie is a wonderful teacher and a good person.”
– Amalia P., Los Angeles, CA

“Amazing & informative, great’s hands on participation, fabulous experience to add to our massage profession and menus of services. I appreciate this course & its instructor Stephanie for her talent & wisdom, her knowledge and generosity of heart for her passion of reflexology.”
– Emma M., Montrose, CA

“Excellent class! Instructor is outstanding! She is able to take a great body of knowledge and deliver it with hands on experience in a concise, yet thorough and deep way.”
– Sheryl S., West Hills, CA

“I loved this class. I learned so much. Reflexology is a field of its own and Stephanie was fabulous guiding us on the path of reflexology. I plan on furthering my education in this field. I love the East/West philosophy of reflexology. Stephanie is a fantastic teacher.”
– Sue F., Los Angeles, CA

“The class was wonderful. Full of information techniques and tactics. Stephanie brought to the class a well-rounded program for the beginner reflexologist. I recommend this class to any body worker. This class can be used not only for clients but also as a self-care technique.”
– Michelle V., Tujunga, CA

“Thoroughly enjoyed Stephanie’s methodical teaching of the reflex maps of the foot, hand, and ear. Personal experience exceeded my expectations increasingly with the progress of the course each day. I’m very glad and thankful for experiencing this class.”
– Linhua W., Pasadena, CA

“What an amazing class! Totally took my knowledge of massage to the next level. Stephanie was very thorough & a great teacher as to explain in a very effective way. So excited to learn about this new modality & will continue in this technique/healing.”
– Kate P., Los Angeles, CA

“The Reflexology Class is very interesting and important class, which gives you the basics for specific areas of working on the feet, hands, and ears.”
 – Maia G, Tujunga, CA

“It was a very interesting and informative class. It was also very relaxing to receive Reflexology.”
– Hratch M, Tujunga, CA

“This class was amazing and intriguing. It opened up a whole new world for me in body work. I didn’t know what to expect and it turned out to be fascinating! Stephanie is one of the best instructors at HHI. She is consistently cheerful and extremely knowledgeable. She clearly loves what she does and it shows!”
– Melinda S, La Crescenta, CA

“Stephanie is an outstanding and professional instructor in this modality!”
– Joyce Bryan, Studio City

“This was an enjoyable class filled with a wealth of information and training in beginning Reflexology. Stephanie is an excellent instructor. Her teaching format enables the student to grasp the science and concept of reflexology and all of the benefits this modality offers.”
– Audrey M, Los Angeles, CA

“Took this Reflexology Class for the second time as an audit and really learned new things even after having had been in it previously.”
– Valerie J, Glendora, CA

“The class was fascinating both in the subject matter and in how the people in the class blended into such harmonious ‘touch’. Stefanie was so knowledgeable and patient – just great.”
– Anonymous

“This is a wonderful Reflexology Class. Stefanie is very knowledgeable, has a lot of passion for Reflexology and for us to learn. The class was positive and very conducive to learning! Love it.”
– Anonymous

“Great class, very interesting, realizing how deep you could really connect with the different points in the hands, feet, and especially ear. Very relaxing, opening, releasing, and connecting. The teacher was very calm, soft spoken, beautiful, very detail oriented, precise, and very patient. It was very nice energy connecting with all.”
– Anonymous

“Extremely informative in so many points. Enjoyed the teacher’s extra information. I found her to be very knowledgeable in all related aspects – surround the whole field of Relfexology.”
– Candace O

“A wonderful, informative, amazing, and relaxing class. A terrific teacher who is patient and repetitive for the student’s learning benefit. Stefanie truly loves what she does and is so excited when a student ‘gets it’. A whole different world than massage yet a beautiful compliment. I’d love to see the next level of class offered.”
– Valerie

“Stefanie gave a clear explanation of the reflex points through charts and example. She is very experienced and has great patience. Stefanie is a lovely example of a good instructor with thorough knowledge of this fascinating science.”
– Mary

“Wonderful class and instructor! So informative and truly a great modality. I will be continuing on and feel very connected to this work. Thank you Stefanie and HHI for offering this class.”
– Anonymous

“Stefanie has a way of exuding her passion for Reflexology while integrating informative techniques and education behind how Reflexology can be beneficial. She was present every day of class and gave as much individual attention as she could, but also was mindful about making sure this was a group collaboration. Her technique and teaching style were both gentle and knowledgeable.”
– Jennifer

“Very good course, I can incorporate it even to my regular massages. I learned a lot of beneficial information for my own daily life.”
– Sirpa Kaajakari, Pasadena CA

“This was a very professional and positive learning experience for me.  I experienced many days of relaxed states in this class.”
– Kathryn Deagon, Burbank CA

“Stefanie is an incredible instructor whose passion for Reflexology shines through her and flows to her students.  She is very involved/engaged with each and every student.”
– Melia Quiray, Pasadena CA

“I really enjoyed the Reflexology Class and learned a lot.  I appreciated Stefanie’s enthusiasm & energy.”
– Michelle Anderson, Montrose CA

“Stefanie is very personable & giving.  She was great with explaining and answering questions.”
Sue Rieber, Los Angeles CA

“I loved Reflexology.  It was fascinating, effective and relaxing.  Everyone should take this class!”
– Heather White, Glendale CA

“Stephanie is delightful. She is a very patient instructor, very knowledgeable, and excellent in her teaching techniques.  The instructions were clear and thorough and left me feeling that I have very good understanding of this modality. It is definitely something that I can incorporate in my massage and can use daily on myself.”
– Irene Boblack, Alhambra CA

“Stefanie is a great teacher. I enjoyed her class very much. I’ll take a class with her anytime.”
– Aida Mousessian, Glendale CA
“I hope Stefanie comes back to teach us more exciting things!  All the teachers at this school embody the holistic approach to teaching and learning.”
– Aisha Nouh, Los Angeles CA

“Stephanie is a wonderful teacher. An excellent addition to this school. Always cheerful, patient, energetic.”
– Sheri Denton, Montrose CA

“She’s a perfect fit for HHI. She presents reflexology with such an awareness of energy, massage, aroma that she is totally able to understand the challenges of our continuing students (like when we are going through big shifts, etc.).
Stephanie is great. Thanks a lot!”
– Sharon Munatones, Arcadia CA

“Reflexology is such a simple, yet powerful technique. It is very surprising how much affect it has on the mind and body. The only modality that guarantees a client falls asleep, and relaxes the practitioner too!”
– Anonymous

“Can’t wait for more Reflexology Classes given by Stephanie. Learned so much more than I thought I would. Great new awareness’s even after already having 1,500+ hours. A modality that can “Stand Alone” or easily be added to the modalities I already do. Stephanie is a great teacher. Bring on more!”
– Wanda Carroll, Sylmar  CA

“I loved this class. It was great having a small intimate class and we had time to receive and give feet, hand and ear reflexology. Stephanie was early to class and very well prepared to instruct. She teaches with slow dialog so I could really absorb the material. I learned so much and I’m ready to bring Reflexology to my practice! Thank you!”
– Laura Weston, Montrose CA

I would highly recommend this Reflexology Class to anyone interested in this special, unique touch technique. Stefanie is a really great instructor who has developed a beautiful blend of lecturing, sharing table work, and energy work associated with the ears, hands and feet.  She is very full of love and light and you can tell she is passionate about what she teaches!”
– Christina Carte, Los Angeles CA

“I am very excited to know a modality where the client is fully clothed and can be performed anywhere.”
– Cameron Hall, Los Angeles CA


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