Marketing Classes
Instructor: Frances Nicolais

“This class helped me discover more about myself and my hang ups about money/asking to rebook. Frances gave us tons of new great information.  I am looking forward to putting it to use in my personal and professional business. Ten out of Ten.”
Dan T., Woodland Hills, Ca

“In this class you will definitely learn a lot, you will get worksheets and you will leave with so much.  I learned a lot about how to make more money and have better communication with your clients.  This class is a definite have to take if you want to better your massage business.”
Lauren D., Eagle Rock, CA

“This class was very informative and even if you are a massage therapist who just got out of school or seasoned veterans, you learn simple and effective tips to get new clients and keep them.”
Robert G., Simi Valley, CA

“I found this class very helpful.  I learned a lot in this 6 hour class.”
Frank K., Simi Valley, CA

“Francis, way to shine the flashlight on issues I didn’t even know existed. Not only on my massage career, but also in life in general. Thank you Frances and HHI!”
Alysa W., Los Angeles, CA

“I got a lot out of this class. Now I know what to do with my clients and how to keep them. I looked at myself in a new way and found more of me.”
Jade G., Monrovia, CA

“Loved the class. It was very helpful. I found out what I needed to work on and what my strengths are. Thank you Frances!”
Diana S., Panorama City, CA

“Lots of valuable information!”
-Karen L., Pasadena, CA

“This class was so much more comprehensive than I ever expected it to be. This was not only a great guide in getting and retaining a regular cliental, but also a great guide to know yourself and improve your confidence.”
Christie D., Los Angeles, CA

“This class was amazing! First of all, I absolutely adore Frances. She is an amazing teacher with impeccable communication skills, massage knowledge and insights. This class taught me about myself… and how my past has developed my actions, my reactions and my assumptions. After receiving all the info I got from this class, I am sure I will be able to rebook everytime!”
-Tara L., Tujunga, CA

“Marketing for body workers is definitely a class every body worker should take.”
Timothy M., San Gabriel, CA

“Take this class to bring your marketing skills to the next level. The information is clear and the tools are realistic & effective. You will leave this class feeling confident in your abilities to build your business.”
Mimi P., Tujunga, CA

“Good class with lots of information. Supportive environment with plenty of time to brainstorm. Thanks Frances!”
Heather W., Glendale, CA

“Anyone who wants to grow their business needs to take this course! Frances was a fount of knowledge, providing a wide variety of ingenious ideas to market you skills.”
Rozy K., Tujunga, CA

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