Hands On Healing Testimonials – Introduction to Fascial Anatomy

Instructor:  Frances Nicolais

“It was an awesome class.”
-Natan W., Pasadena, CA

“Learning to let go and follow intuition is a valuable lesson. Thanks!”
-Rebeka T., Burbank, CA

“I can’t wait to take all the fascia classes!”
-Brooke S., Los Angeles, CA

“This class was helpful in deciphering which fascial disciplines I plan on studying. I plan on doing all of them.”
-John S., La Canada, CA

“Was a great class. Enjoyed the movement and stretches.”
-Chris R., Tujunga, CA

“Introduction to Fascia was a good experience. My body feels free and relaxed.”
– Ken P., Covina, CA

“Exceeded  my expectations by far. Frances and her team were perfection!”
-David G., Loma Linda, CA

“The information was presented clearly and in a wonderfully engaging manner.”
-Steve F., Los Angeles, CA

“Interesting and eye-opening, I really enjoyed it.”
-Julio D., Los Angeles, CA

“Frances is a top-notch instructor full of information but also personally connects with every single student! Such a beautiful soul. Highly recommend!”
-Bradley B., Panorama City, CA

“Very informative! I love Frances!.”
-Isabella B., Pasadena. CA

“Such a fun class. The hands on portion was just as fun to do as it was educational.”
-Chelsea B., Pasadena, CA

“Everything felt great and I will be able to apply the techniques to my massage practice.”
-Christina A., Pasadena, CA

“Amazing class and instructor. Fun, full of information, discoveries, thought provoking. It makes sense and is very emotionally releasing.”
-Chris Q., Pasadena, CA

“I really enjoyed it. It made me want to slow my mind and really listen to what my body is saying.”
-Veronica C., Los Angeles, CA

“I came to the class wanting to know how to better nurture other people and I also ended up learning to take care of myself. I recommend this class for everyone.”
-Anna M., Los Angles, CA

“This was such a great class! The lecture was so informative and the demos so powerful! To be able to feel and experience the work was priceless!”
-Cynthia Y., Los Angeles, CA

“It is easy to see Frances’ passion for this work and she makes it contagious.”

“Opened my eyes to a whole new way of healing.”
-James H

“Frances is very knowledgable of Fascia and made learning fun.”
-Richard R.

“I have been working as a CMT for 14 years plus and have been hearing about Myofascial work and was interested in being able to offer my clients this modality.  I found this class incredibly informative and I enjoyed the interaction with fellow therapists.  I would recommend this class to any body worker.”
-Kelly B., Glendale, CA

“Class was amazing, very educational. It really helped me understand what Fascia is and how it connects from head to toe and when ignored can create a domino effect of problems in the body. Helpful to understand the problematic areas is not just physical but also emotional.”
-Gabriela P., Rosemead, CA

“Got a deeper understanding of the importance of fascia and the need to give it the attention it requires.  The class has made me interested in exploring the subject more and use the knowledge to improve the quality of my life and help others improve theirs.”
-Pradeep K., Los Angeles, CA


“This class is more than an intro it is a window into the soul of both the practitioner and the recipient where you are encouraged to heal on a whole new level. Pure Joy!! Thank You Frances, AMAZING!”
Barclay B., South Pasadena, CA

“Such a great inspirational teacher! Frances is very interesting. Exciting, fun and educational class at the same time! You want to learn more after.”
Astrid W., Los Angeles, CA

“Frances is great at explaining Fascia. I am looking forward to the track and being able to incorporate MFR into my treatments.”
Dionne F., Los Angeles, CA

“I really enjoyed the class. I came in a little uncertain about what was going to happen. However I loved the results and the benefits I got out of it.”
Ashley G., Arleta, CA

“Frances radiates understanding and healing energies. She made the class fun and exciting! The topics were clear, concise and to the point. I really loved the exercises we did in class, especially the unwinding. It was an amazing experience.”
Christina C., Monrovia, CA

“Awesome class, great instructor…all quality staff! Learned a ton in a little bit of time and enjoyed it so much!”
Debi C., Valencia, CA

“Great class to introduce you to the concepts of Fascia! Looking forward to learning more.”
Peter N., Arcadia, CA

“Great intro class. We got to touch on all the different techniques included in MFR. Very excited to learn more.”
Rosa R., Pico Rivera, CA

“Took what I thought I knew to a whole new level! Years of doing Swedish and Deep Tissue and working my body so hard, it was great to find that there are better ways to help the body heal. Thank you Frances!”
Juli J., North Hollywood, CA

“Intro to Fascia was very informative. I look forward to continue taking classes in the future to expand my knowledge on this subject. Enjoyed having Frances as an instructor. She is very in tune with all students. The unwinding exercise was very eye opening.”
Holly F., North Hollywood, CA

“I found the class very helpful, not only with re-learning some techniques that I have neglected, but also in trusting myself to be effective at performing them and allowing myself to let go of some held energy and receive the techniques as well.”
Lynette M., Los Angeles, CA

“WOW! Amazing class. So exciting to learn about Fascia and how our bodies work. I cannot wait to learn more. Had so much fun and have a new awareness of myself that is difficult to put into words. I feel lighter and more comfortable in my own body after this class. Thank you Frances.”
Patricia K., Saugus, CA

“This class is totally different from what I have learned and practiced before. It is an eye, brain, and body opener. I had a great experience learning in this class of how to use these techniques as well as be a recipient.”
Didi B., Van Nuys, CA

“Great Class! I felt like it was very informative. Before I did not know how much Fascia plays a role in our structure and how important it is to release our muscle fascia. Definitely taking it was a lot of fun. Looking forward to FOF I.”
Michael C., Canyon Country, CA

 “This is a great class and worth the investment in your time and energy. Frances is a wonderful teacher and the information is accessible, digestible and extremely useful in life and in therapeutic practice. I am a huge nerd for connective tissue and I am so excited to take the next MFR course. This will be a major component of my practice. Thank you for sharing MFR with us Frances!”
Madeline W., Encino, CA

“This class was awesome! A must have experience and knowledge for anyone is bodywork.”
– Valerie G., Walnut, CA

“This is a unique and interesting modality. I believe this will be a useful tool in my practice.”
– Corrine C., Van Nuys, CA

“Frances and the Intro to Fascial Anatomy classes are amazing! It’s so fantastic to learn techniques that will help our clients & ourselves!”
– Brandie A., Sun Valley, CA

“It was amazing! Seeing that work for the first time was strange, but experiencing it was amazing & fun! Really refreshing feel like my posture adjusted itself.”
– Charlene L., Temple City, CA

“I’ve been a massage therapist since 1999 and I learned how to get deep into the tissue at a cellular level. And it was also an anatomy refresher.”
– Gilma L., No. Hollywood, CA

“Great class! I got a much better understanding of fascia & how our emotions effect our body.”
– Anonymous

“I loved Frances’s energy She’s super positive & also very informative. I feel like in just six hours I learned so much that I didn’t know, and I have a clearer understanding of the body, and the fascia. Thank you! I’d totally take this class again!”
– Arpy S., Van Nuys, CA

“This class was great. Frances has shown a way to make the room feel welcome and fun. It is such a different form of bodywork and I found it challenging and exciting.”
– Sarah T., Glendale, CA

“Fascial work is very much hands on healing. It is ritualistic, tribal- almost religious.”
– Janet K., Sylmar, CA

“This class was a great introduction for anyone interested in myofascial work. You learn a little bit about the different paths and how fascia works. Frances is very positive and amazing teacher.”
– Rachel L., Pasadena, CA

“Great, fun, and informative class. Added useful learning about the human body. It will transform the way you look and work on clients, friends, & family. You will actually feel a difference by the end of class. Well worth the time and investment. HIGHLY recommended!”
– Tina K., Sherman Oaks, CA

“This class is amazing. The introduction helped me build understanding and a foundation to the myofascial modality. This class is highly recommended to anyone seeking to expand their practice to meet the range of needs of their clients.”
– Emma P., Avalon, CA

“Super class- thorough & comprehensive explanation and experimental class of Fascia. Very beneficial to be worked on, and to work on fellow students. An inspiring introduction to Fascia, and it’s potential.”
– Craig H., Topanga, CA

“The class explanation of how network works is great! How MFR is a component in every situation is also great too!”
– Natasha R., Tujunga, CA

“It is so much fun and a great experience to be in this class. I learned the most important thing as a massage therapist- be patient. This class made me experience the great effect of MFR and at the same time it is less body work for energy but more work is done.”
– Nina P., Los Angeles, CA

“I very much enjoy the unwinding and the energy of the class and the instruction was excellent. I would encourage all massage therapists to take this class.”
– Regina P., Saugus, CA

“A great introduction to the workings of fascia. The information was given in a clear, concise, and simple way that was easy to apply. Just the right amount of info to not feel overwhelmed. Great environment created to learn in an easy, low stress way.”
– Troy R., Los Angeles, CA

“Intro to Myofascial Release was very mind opening & very easy to fall into. I recommend this class to everyone & will be looking forward to retreats. I learned to let go & use my voice to help let out emotion as well. Very Grateful!”
– Jessica L., Baldwin Park, CA

“Great class! Fun! I felt it went by quickly. A no judgment zone and able to be myself. Relaxing and safe environment highly recommend. Frances was understanding and easy going. Felt like I could be myself.”
– Gina B., Sunland, CA

“I really loved this class; it really taught me a lot about how a person reacts to something.”
– Lauren Daniel, Eagle Rock

“Frances is a great teacher. I would probably take any class she teaches. She has such great passion for MFR, you can’t help but to catch the fever!”
– Kris Ascherin, Tujunga

“Found the knowledge of Frances well-rounded with application to reach a wide array of students. She often gave physical demonstrations – let us practice on each other along with sharing real life specific examples to convey a concept or practice of MFR.”
– Denise Bell, Huntington Beach

“This was an informative and enlightening class. Myo-fascial release is a modality I have been practicing for years. It was validating to find out what I instinctually had done, and educational in that I can now begin to learn more about this modality in greater detail.”
– Andrew Eng, Sherman Oaks

“I have heard about how great this class is but never imagined it to be like this. I had so much fun and I experienced some amazing things. I am definitely going to have to take more classes, I feel like it would be such an amazing thing for me. Thank you Frances!”
– Michaela Renn, La Crescenta

“Understanding the network of the fascia importance it has in releasing truamas, both physical & emotional is key for any massage therapist & their cutting edge practice. I highly recommend this course Frances is amazing & an incredible instructor.”
– Shelly Thran, Altadena

“I thoroughly enjoyed the Intro to FA class.  It gave me new perspective on assessing and working with clients.  I’m excited to integrate what I’ve learned into my practice.  More excited to have begun studying MRF.  I look forward to learning more.’’
- Bob D.

“The Intro to Fascial Anatomy class was fabulous! It’s great to learn new techniques that prove to be such powerful tools. I am looking forward to the next one. Thank you!!!”
– Al Quintero, Burbank CA

“Enlightening, can’t wait to learn more”
– Cameron Hall, Los Angeles CA

“Class is very informative-Frances got us into doing practical work really quickly.”
– Kristin Polito, Pasadena CA

“It’s not always easy for some to be expressive and the environment that was set made everyone feel comfortable.”
– Dominic Leslie, Los Angeles CA

“I came to class with certain expectations, and left with a whole new perspective that far exceeded them.”
– Gene Romano, San Marino CA

“Very clearly explained, love the fact that spiritual awareness was mixed into the course. This is my second time taking Intro to Fascia and learned new things the second time around.”
– John Slosburg, Sherman Oaks CA

“Frances is an amazing compassionate teacher who creates a fun and safe space for healing and learning”
– Julie McConnell CA

“Frances’ knowledge & experience came through her teaching. I feel so much more confident in a subject that once eluded me. The class was clearly outlined and she was on schedule almost to the minute. Love this class!”
– Sally Nelson, Valencia CA

“An eye opening experience to bodywork that is very informative and really fun”
– Edward Kiniry-Ostro, So. Pasadena CA

“Beautiful!  Even after many years of work, I can still love the fact I can always learn something new.”
– Ivonne Ferandell, El Monte CA

“A fascinating introduction to a whole new world of learning”
– Rachel Hardy, Los Angeles CA

“I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to see anatomy in a different way.  This course helps to integrate the knowledge we learn in our “basic” massage classes with the goals of truly helping our clients (and ourselves) to heal.”
– Celeste Black, Covina CA

“I am a firm believer that this works for me and I strongly believe that this would work for everybody.  Thank you very much for this opportunity.  I believe in this class and I recommend this class to everyone.”
– Mary Burstyn, Arcadia CA

“Educational, therapeutic and just plain fun.  Frances is so knowledgeable and has a wonderful teaching style.  The group unwindings are “worth the price of admission” alone.  Learning self-unwinding was a revelation.”
– Anonymous

“The lecture and practical portion of the class was very well explained. I really have a good grasp on the material.”
– John Slosburg, Los Angeles CA

“I learned a valuable technique that will be beneficial to my clients.”
– Skye Nakamura, Pacific Palisades CA

“This is a wonderful introduction to a somewhat mysterious subject, with enough hands-on time to make it real.”
– Edie Cox, Sierra Madre CA

“This class really opened my eyes to the possibilities that MFR can reach. I can’t wait for the next class.”
– Gary Casias, Pasadena CA

“Very fun class! Never knew how amazing Fascia was until I took the class with Frances. She is wonderful as is everyone else at Hands on Healing.”
– Jonathan Whitton, Glendale CA

“This class gives you a clear understanding of the structure and significance of the fascial system and how this might be addressed with bodywork.”
– Natalie Bowers, Los Angeles CA

“I really enjoyed Frances’ Intro to Fascia Anatomy class. She makes learning lots of fun and interesting.”
– Elena Cobian, El Monte CA

“I’ve wanted to take this for months and I’m glad I did take it!”
– Rosie Alegria, Pasadena CA

“I experienced an emotional release [during the group work] that I didn’t think would be possible, but the environment felt so safe that the experience was allowed.  It was an enlightening experience.”
– Laura Patin, Los Angeles CA

“I love the fact that Frances is so inviting for self discovery.  I feel very comfortable on her classes.  I am extremely glad that I took this class.”
– Caitlyn Curtin, Burbank CA

“I was happy and surprise that such and easy technique works so well.”
– Robert Denos, Fair Oaks CA

“This class has been great! I’m especially fascinated with fascial tissue “memory” and the history of how research has been done in this field. Frances has been very helpful answering my questions and referring books/websites I can research. Thank you Frances-You’re a really great instructor.”
– Dawn Lunde,  La Crescenta CA

“It’s so nice to be back in class, especially one that’s focused on listening to the client’s body and what it needs. Putting ego and all of the learned strokes aside to tune into the subtle releasing that can take place. Learning about fascia is so important for body work since it’s what’s connecting everything inside the body.”
– Meg Aguilar, Glendale CA

“I really enjoyed this class. It gave you the perfect amount of digestible information to wet your appetite for more MFR classes. I left with much more clear understanding of fascia and how complex it is.”
– Sophie C.

“The Intro to Fascial Anatomy course was very interesting and different than anything I have ever experienced with bodywork. Frances is wwell informed and does an excellent job of sharing her knowledge joyfully and enthusiastically. I look forward to taking more of her classes.”
– Joyce B.


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