Hands On Healing Testimonials – Heated Stone Therapy

Instructors: Andrea Schally/Sharon Munatones

“I had a great class!  I learned so much! Learning how to handle the rocks and heal your client.”
Lauren D.,Eagle Rock, CA

“Loved learning this modality. It’s now my favorite. It would be really wonderful to have a second class ie: advanced heated stone therapy.”
-Valerie J., Glendora, CA

“All I have to say is, ’Wow’ I enjoyed this class so much. I never had a Heated Stone Therapy session before, so I had no idea what it would feel like. It’s great. I learned a lot, and I am very glad I took this class. What a wonderful additional service to offer to all my future clients.”
Lori L., Van Nuys, CA

“Heated Stone Therapy is fun. I liked picking the rocks. You’re very kind and nice. Looking forward to seeing you for aromatherapy.  Thanks!
– Lauren Ernst, North Hollywood

“Lovely consideration to the holistic approach. The teacher makes the difference!  Andrea is exceptional.”
– Lisa Rouppas, North Hollywood

“If you like to melt…Take this class! Your clients will be amazed! Andrea, she’s so terrific at explaining the process and is always open for questions.”
– Sharon Munatones, Arcadia

“I loved Heated Stone Therapy!! Andrea was so amazing to learn from! She explained everything wonderfully. I loved her approach to the connection with the rocks. Just all around awesome day!! Andrea has a wonderful balance in her teaching between the energy side and the technical side! Thank you Andrea!”
– Anonymous

“Andrea is great at explaining and getting you involved. Fun class and instructor”
– Hilda Medrano, Sylmar

“I highly recommend that any massage therapist who is looking for a new modality take this class.  Stone therapy is addictive!  It is not only relaxing, but therapeutic as well.  After receiving this massage yourself you won’t want any other kind.”
– Cinny Considine, Altadena

“Very much worth the money! I loved picking out my own rocks.”
– Deanna Werner, Sunland

“I took Heated Stone Therapy because I had a bad experience with a heated stone massage.  This class absolutely changed my whole perspective on this modality.  I really enjoyed this class a lot.  The heated stone class left a lot of room for personal growth and creativity.  I loved that we really made it our own.  I am very excited that I have my own set of stones!”
– Caitlyn Curtin, Burbank

“We had enough time to learn at a comfortable pace.  Heated stone massage rocks!”
– Veronica Pena, Pacoima


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