FOF: Visceral Release
Instructor: Frances Nicolais

“Fantastic class! Definitely takes a sensitive touch. Can’t wait to use it on my clients. Always a great class with Frances as the instructor. Love, Love, Love, the MFR classes!”
-Nancy M., Los Angeles, CA

“One of the most important classes for your organs and releasing the emotions that are associated with that organ. Take MFR to another level.”
-Lisa A., Los Angeles, CA

“Great class- very liberating to know how to address this very important area.  There is so much to know and so much we can do as therapists for people.”
Eloise A., Kagel Canyon, CA

“This visceral release class is a wonderful and much needed supplement to MFR work! Such an integral part of the work; I appreciate the deeper understanding and advanced level of tools.”
Lara W., North Hollywood, CA

“I enjoyed this class and the more experienced skill level of the students.  The techniques are great tools to know for anyone who has digestive issues.  Thank you again Frances!”
Michelle A., Los Angeles, CA

“Visceral Release is a great class for an increased awareness of the visceral and organs and the significance of this area in the fascial web.  That it is part of the web. Interconnected whole heartedly and perhaps a missing link for some chronic conditions where the release is not holding well.”
Lynn M.  W., Burbank, CA

“All the important stuff jam packed in 7 short hours.  More to it than follow your gut feelings.  Knowing  your anatomy is important for this class.”
Linhua W., Pasadena, CA

“A very useful course for clients.  Can not wait to use it it my practice.”
Carla E., South Pasadena, CA

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