Focus on Fascia: Headache/Sinus/Neck Pain
Instructor: Frances Nicolais

“Very comprehensive class. All of these techniques are practical and powerful.”
-Kristin B., Los Angeles, CA

“I learned multiple techniques to incorporate into my massage practice. Frances is fort of MFR knowledge.”
-Maureen L., Los Angeles, CA

“Another great class. Thanks Frances.”
-Frank S., Los Angeles, CA

“Beautiful class. It is nice having someone else work on your nose internally. I learned a lot of new techniques and of course Frances is an awesome teacher.”
-James H., La Canada, CA

“This class was great. Being able to use different techniques to relieve neck and headache tension was a good learning experience. I really enjoyed this class and learning from Frances.”
-Richard R., Los Angeles, CA

“Another awesome class from Frances.  She is the best.  The knowledge I have received in all of the FOF classes have been incredible.  I use it all in my practice. People love it.  They feel better quicker and for longer periods of time.”
Debbie F. Northridge, CA

“Great techniques to add to your sessions! Learning anterior neck techniques opened up a whole new world for me and gave me good results with my clients.”
-Karen B., Northridge, CA

“I really, really get a lot out of Frances’s MFR classes. Her handouts are well organized and her classes are structured wonderfully and there is just so much covered.  I feel well informed and so centered after each class.”
– April S., Altadena, CA

“Loved this class! Sinus was not something I was excited about but was pleasantly surprised. The class was organized extremely well and learning was fun as always with Frances! Thank You!”
Debi C., Valencia, CA

“This is a wonderful class. I started some of the techniques I learned last week on clients and I have gotten a very positive response.”
– Hannah H., South Pasadena, CA

“Truly helpful techniques to get rid of headaches. Rewarding for the therapist, and enjoyable for the client. Thank you, Frances.”
Linhua W., Pasadena, CA

“Frances is a wealth of info and I’m excited to use these techniques.”
Marcela H., South Pasadena, CA

“This class was really great because we all have clients with neck and headaches and this gives you lots of tools that you may have never thought to try. It really expands your knowledge and understanding, both giving and receiving.”
Rachel L., Pasadena, CA

“Amazing Class. Highly recommend this class for all MT. Beautiful tools to have under your belt. Very detailed, and the photo examples were perfect and very easy to follow. One of the best classes I’ve taken, and will be taking it again as soon as it’s available.”
Jessica L., Baldwin Park, CA

“Amazing as always. I am very excited to put these new tools to good use. I surprisingly enjoyed the nostril techniques and experienced that it really opened up my sinus.”
Charlene L., Temple City, CA

“Frances has such a gift at teaching. The information is well organized and detailed. I love that as soon as I leave a class I can’t wait to start using the information.”
Sarah T., Glendale, CA

“Had a great class. Had surgery 5 days before the class on my neck. Given the nature of the class I was legitimately afraid to have my neck worked on. Frances assuaged my fears and made me feel safe, and had my peers modify techniques to accommodate me. Frances knows this stuff. This Class taught me a lot. I’d do it again.”
Dan T., Woodland Hills, CA

“Frances brings remarkable enthusiasm and passion to her work and teaching. I love her willingness to share her deep knowledge and experience. I recommend her FOF: Neck /Headache Class, for I experienced relief in my sinuses while being worked on in class.”
Craig H., Topanga, CA

“Big variety of techniques. Went inside the nose. Wow! I was a nose virgin before this class. Take it!”
Vanessa R., Los Angeles, CA

“This class taught me the techniques to free myself & others from neck pain & headaches. The moves I learned will integrate into every session.”
John K., La Canada, CA

“This class was amazing. The neck pain portion of the class was very useful. I can’t wait to use it on my clients with neck pain. Thank you Frances!”
Michelle A., Los Angeles, CA

“This class was full of really amazing techniques that will be very effective in treating clients with neck, headaches & sinus issues. I was lacking in those areas before, so very happy to have them in my tool box now!”
Teresa C., Los Angeles, CA

“I love these tension/headache relieving technique. Thank you, Frances. You and your perfectly designed techniques.”
Linhua W., Pasadena, CA

“Amazing class. I learned techniques that were immediately applicable to my clients and getting the work done on myself was profound. Also, Frances handouts are the BEST.”
Adam H., La Canada, CA

“This class was amazing. The neck work was much more complete than I expected. The headache techniques were truly life changing for me. These are tools for life.”
Sue F., Los Angeles, CA

“This class offers fantastic tools for the MFR therapist! While offered for necks, headaches, & sinus relief can often be felt in other areas of the body through the use of these techniques. I highly recommend this class!”
Nancy M., Canyon Country, CA

“I always have so much fun in FOF and I learn so much. I have neck pain and headaches sometimes and I know people who do as well, so this was a need to know.”
Jade G., Monrovia, CA

“Frances’ classes are always amazing. The sinus headache provided a diverse range of effective techniques so vitally needed with the universe of allergies… Thanks Frances!”
Melinda S., La Crescenta, CA

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