Hands On Healing Testimonials –
Focus on Fascia: Trigger Point

Instructor:  Tom Hambright

“Tom is very knowledgeable and generous in sharing his skill with others.”
-Shelley H., Los Angles, CA

“Fun class! There is so much more to trigger points than I expected. Learned lots of great and useful techniques. Tom is great and funny too!”
-James, H., La Canada, CA

“Loved this class and loved the personal experience and specific technique Tom brought to it.”
-Tatiana V., Los Angeles, CA

“I have been working on trigger points for many years, and this class opened my eyes to a whole new way of communicating with the body.”
Barclay B., S. Pasadena, CA

“Great Class. Lots of time to practice techniques and define your touch. Liked the different variations in techniques to find and work on Trigger Points.”
Peter N., Arcadia, CA

 “I truly enjoyed the class as I didn’t know much of the subject. Tom was great. It was a small class, so there was lots of instruction. This class blends with MFR perfectly. Loved his easy going style as it made learning easy and relaxed; a perfect vibe to learn. Thank You.”
Deborah C., Valencia, CA

“It was amazing. Gave me more confidence in finding and treating Trigger Points.”
Charlene L., Temple City, CA

“I really enjoyed this class because it helped me locate and easily find trigger points. Before, I did not know how to locate them, but now I do. I also enjoyed it because Tom made the class really fun and interactive.”
-Theresa L., Glendale, CA

 “Great class!! Thank you Tom for all the useful techniques for finding and treating trigger points. I now have a better understanding of trigger points. I can’t wait to use the techniques on my clients.”
-Michelle A., Los Angeles, CA

“Tom is a warm and funny man, a gifted teacher and made learning a lot of fun. There was a lot of table time in class – absolutely great!”
“I learned many new techniques and applications. Thanks!”
-Karen B., Northridge, CA

“I really enjoyed this class! Very helpful & very detailed & broken down to help me understand. Tom did an excellent job at helping us feel committed and able to tell the difference between tendons & pressure points. Very helpful class and I am looking forward to retaking it again!”
– Jessica L., Baldwin Park, CA
“Tom is a great teacher. I learned a lot of great moves and I can’t wait to try some moves for chair massage. I also learned some things to do on myself when I have an ache.”
– Jade G., Monrovia, CA
“Our instructor, Tom, made trigger point easily understandable and very enjoyable. It helped define where and why we use this myofascia technique! Thank you so much!”
– Melinda S., La Crescenta, CA

“As a newer massage therapist, this class provided wonderful insight to the anatomy, and methods involved in alleviating the stress of Trigger Points. Francis is wonderful-as always. Thank you.”
– Sally Nelson, Valencia CA

“I am very grateful for having the opportunity to learn such valuable techniques from such a knowledgeable and spirited teacher such as Francis at such an institution as HHI…very grateful!”
– James Hey, Los Angeles CA

“Wow! Trigger Point is an amazing modality! It allows the therapist to make a profound change in the client’s body with only gentle effort. Francis is a master at her craft and made the class fun and informative.”
– Rosy Kalsbeek, Tujunga CA

“I am so happy that I took this class! It has truly given me a new skill and technique to add to my “bag of tricks.” Francis is very dynamic in her approach and communicates all of the concepts very clearly.”
– Mimi Poor, Tujunga CA

“Energetic and qualified instructor.”
– Bruce Hay, Bakersfield CA

“Very good class – Instructor was patient, clear with the material”.
– Kate Botner, Bakersfield CA

“As a trainer, I feel more knowledgeable after taking this class and excited to go to work.  I had trigger points that caused pain for three months and now understand how to relieve them.”
– James Barbes, Altadena CA

“I gained powerful insight into how our bodies localize tension/stress/injury/emotion.”
– Sue Cabriales, La Crescenta CA

“The class was well organized + informative. The demonstrations were great and Tom is a superior hands on instructor. There was plenty of time to practice on a variety of body types. Tom is an experienced teacher + therapist who made it easy to ask questions and gave back thorough and thoughtful answers. I thoroughly enjoyed this class and would not hesitate to take another class from Tom.”
– Anonymous

“Great class, lots of time to work labs. Teacher was knowledgeable and informative.”
– Anonymous

“Great class to learn the techniques involved on this form of therapy and enough time to get some hands on experience supervised by a professional who practices the modality and has both a wealthy knowledge and the right depth of experience.”
– George Bowser, Pasadena CA

“I enjoyed the class – it gave me a better “feel” + understanding of the subject. I especially liked the hands on, there was plenty of that. I did not feel rushed.”
– Anonymous

“The class was everything I expected. It covered all aspects completely + I felt that he didn’t leave anything out. Tom is a very good instructor and was able to bring the text to life with his demos. He is very hands on which helps a lot since you can experience the proper techniques.”
– Steve. Davis , Tujunga CA

“Tom is a very knowledgeable Trigger Point instructor. He taught the class in a relaxed manner with great demonstrations & plenty of time to practice on each other. He was always available to assist us if we had a problem.”
– William F., Sunland, CA

“I learned a lot and immediately applied the trigger point knowledge to my practice. It’s easy to throw trigger point into a session. Plus I got good body work during the session.”
– Heriberto F., Arcadia, CA

“Must have class for anyone who enjoys deep tissue MFR work. It transforms you as a therapist. Thank you, Tom and your Pizeo electric  technique.”
– Linhua W., Pasadena, CA

“Loved it! The class showed me a ton of info I was interested in learning. It will go a long way towards developing my specialty. Tom was a great teacher. The lessons were very complete. Thanks!”
– Steve Davis, Tujunga CA

“It was great!! Very informative. Instructor was patient + gave a lot of hands on.”
– Anonymous

“The class was good and Tom is a very, very good instructor. Thank you!”
– Josefina Paredes, Los Angeles CA

“The class was amazing…the class was well thought out and gave us a lot of hands on time. The instructor was patient and very informative…he has an amazing amount of knowledge. I truly enjoyed this class. My body felt like a jelly fish at the end…there were plenty of releases with the work that was done…It was truly FANTASTIC.”
– Laura Perez, Palmdale CA

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