Hands On Healing Testimonials –


Instructor:  Frances Nicolais

“I was nervous to take this class but then found it to be profound. Unwinding is a part of the healing process and I experienced something I can now share with my clients. Thank you Frances!”
-Debi C., Los Angeles, CA

“I never knew there were so many different ways to unwind. This class is essential if you want to do a complete MFR session. It is such a powerful healing tool and it is complementary to the structural work.”
-James H., La Canada, CA

“Thank you Frances for another wonderful class! I don’t know why I waited so long to take it. This class has helped me be more centered so that I am able to help my clients understand that it is okay to get “out of your head” and just let your body release organically. I am excited to introduce this technique to my clients.”
-Michelle A, Los Angeles, CA

“I loved this class. Frances is the best instructor. I felt very grounded and centered. It is really nice to not think about anything but let your body just let go. It was a great experience. I will use this in my business. Everyone should take this class!”
-Debbie F., Northridge, CA

“Unwinding is the bomb! This is a wonderful intuition driven modality! Client and therapist connect on the body-mind-spirit level. Contemporary life is so tightly wound. The solution is unwinding.”
-Janet K., Sylmar, CA

“Everyone should take this class, massage therapists and clients. I have always enjoyed my classes at HHI. From CMT through my advanced course. I have over 500 hours.
– Linda Faretta, Chatsworth

“Therapeutic Stretching is a must for every therapist.”
– Diana Spink, Panorama City

I would recommend this class to every bodyworker and non-bodyworker. This class brings you into awareness of your own body system.”
– Mathew Brooks, Palmdale


Instructor:  Frances Nicolais

“Taking this class again for the first time in two years was a total different experience for me- it was even better the second time around.”
– Lara W., North Hollywood, CA

“This class seems overwhelming and scary at first but this is for all pursuing massage therapists! This class is a must! It gives you insight on other levels to help your client release emotions and deeper, harder to reach issues throughout the whole body!”
– Jessica L., Baldwin Park, CA

“This class is fantastic. I would highly recommend it for anyone- therapists and clients.”
– Jessica S., Santa Clarita, CA

“The Unwinding class really showed me the potentials benefits of the unwinding process. Allowing the body to do what it naturally wants to do. It’s a wonderful group of people to feel safely secure.”
– Gary C., Pasadena, CA

“A wonderful form of bodywork to create a very intense experience for your clients and to create long lasting structural changes!”
– Carla Epstein, South Pasadena

“I always look forward to the fascia classes, especially since Frances is the teacher.  The unwinding results are amazing and awesome and continue even after the classes have ended.”
– Irene Boblack, Alhambra

“It was great learning how different everyone is.  This class definitely helps the practitioner to be aware and sensitive to each client and their needs at the time.”
– Diana Spink, Panorama City

“I really love the unwinding class.  It’s a very beneficial technique on the personal level and I feel more prepared to help and understand my clients.”
– MariaEsther Gonzalez


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