Hands On Healing Testimonials –
Focus on Fascia: Skin Rolling-Pulling

Instructor:  Frances Nicolais

“I loved taking this class! The technique is a wonderful one to integrate into my practice.”
-Tatiana, Los Angeles, CA

“This is an important class for any massage therapist.”
-Matt H., Irvine, CA

“Had lots of fun practicing and being practiced on.”
-James H. La Canada, CA

“I really like the self-care portion of this class. Skill Rolling was amazing.”
-Richard R., Los Angeles, CA

“This has been an invaluable class for me. Skin rolling is a great modality to enhance any therapists practice. Fun, easy to learn and as always Frances is a blast to work with.”
Brian T., Glendale, CA

“This is a unique and very effective technique to add to your tool box! Also, it’s a wonderful release that you will enjoy receiving! As always, Frances is the best!”
Karen B., Northridge, CA

“Great class. Technique is going to be a nice addition to compliment other soft tissue modalities. Loved receiving bodywork during this class.”
Peter N., Arcadia, CA

“This is the best class I have ever taken. Skin Rolling has made a difference in my life as well as my client’s life. Frances is the best instructor I have ever had, and Michelle is an awesome assistant.”
-Debbie F., Northridge, CA

“Skin rolling is a very important modality to learn to deepen your understanding and awareness of fascial restrictions.”
-Natalie B., Studio City, CA

“This class really made a difference in my practice. My clients have noticed the difference in how they feel. MFR on the lower body has helped in releasing the hips and surrounding muscles. Skin rolling has made my deep tissue work more effective. Frances is an amazing teacher and Michelle is an amazing assistant. I look forward to taking ALL of the MFR classes with Frances.”
-Linda D., Sylmar, CA

“This is possibly the most life changing work I have done/ received. There is a saying ‘getting under his/her skin’, I have learned we really do get under each other’s skin and we can let is all go with skin rolling!”
-Patrick R., Pasadena, CA

“Skin rolling is a ‘Go-To’ technique for all body workers. It has a universal applications and can be modified for any client’s special considerations. Frances Always Rocks!”
-Janet K., Sylmar, CA

“This class has taken things to a different level for me, instead of going into the tissue pulling the tissue away, it is fabulous!”
-Lori L., Van Nuys, CA

“Loved this class. It really solidified my understanding of fascia and restrictions in the body.”
-Karen L., Pasadena, CA

“This class was wonderful. Skin rolling is such an amazing tool that I feel so easily incorporated into any practice. MFR works! It is easy but so impactful, and something that you can teach a client to do on their own!”
-Olivia A., Los Angeles, CA

“Amazing results and very efficient in releasing tension!”
-Charlene L., Temple City, CA

“I really enjoyed this class. I feel very comfortable with the work and it’s given me a much different insight on dealing with bodywork.”
-Daniele S., Canyon Country, CA

“A lot of hands-on training in this class. This is my retreat!”
-Lin W., Pasadena, CA

“Skin rolling is an amazing class, essential MFR tool. It will take a message therapist to another level as it is a great additional skill to add to a session. Not only is it great to receive, but also fun to do on your clients.”
-Shelly T., Altadena, CA

“Great therapeutic modality to add during massage or body. Work is easy on the therapist and way therapeutic for the client.”
– Kris A., Tujunga, CA

“Such a release! A great way to help client & a great tool for self-care.”
– Gabi G., Los Angeles, CA

“Well prepared handouts for the theory necessary. Straight forward into practicing, hands-on, lots of fun, and great experiences.”
– Siegfried D., Los Angeles, CA

“Focus on Fascia Skin Rolling and Pulling is a must!! So beneficial for the therapist wanting to have that extra tool under their belt. Enjoyed it so much! Unwinding is very common and welcome in this class, & I enjoyed every bit of my unwinding!”
– Jessica L., Baldwin Park, CA

“Wonderful class. Very thorough, and makes sure we experience and receive it.”

“I really enjoyed the class. I was pleasantly surprised to actually learn what skin rolling is. It goes a lot deeper than the superficial fascia and seems to be very effective in treating fascia, deeper included, and the muscular problems.”
– Giancarlo

“I so enjoyed FOF Skin Rolling, so intense, so precise. I love it. I had the most amazing release. The energy is sacred. So safe!”
– Rima

“I’ve had skin rolling before, but only a few minutes at a time. Experiencing the power of using skin rolling over a whole area, or even for a whole session was profound. It addressed problems that no other technique has, and I feel great all over! I can’t wait to introduce my clients to it.”
– Lara

“I loved this class because it approaches bodywork in a completely different way. Lifting the skin / fascia / muscle away from the body is easy and very effective. This is a great modality that I will definitely add to my MFR work.”
– Meg A.

“Skin rolling is a valuable tool to add to the body work tool box. Love the work.”
– Daniel

“This is the most circulation massage you will ever get!”
– Candace

“It is an easy modality with an amazing relaxation affect. I felt open and loose (like Gumby). It is a great tool for opening superficial fascia to go deeper using skin rolling on other modalities.”
– Carla Epstein

“Very deep work for being so superficial. I discovered areas of restrictions that affect my whole body. Very easy to do and low impact on the body. I am very glad that I attended this class, very powerful! Also this class was well run and organized. We were able to work on the whole body and I learned a lot.”
– Alison

“I enjoyed the class very much. Now I know working skin rolling in our bodies help to release many restrictions we hold. At the end of this class I felt my body open”
– Josefina

“Wow! Skin Rolling is a make you feel good class after all the skin rolling. I feel very relaxed, I am also amazed that when holding the skin, you can really feel it melting away in your hands. Meaning you can actually feel the fascia release. So cool, I like that it’s your working with the body and it knows what to do. This is a class worth taking. Frances is a really patient and great teacher.”
– Barbara Uyeda

“I typically feel that massage is invasive at some point during the session. With this skin rolling technique, I was given a chance to relax and work with the giver. The slow, focused touch allowed my entire body and mind to give in to the healing I deserved and needed. This was incredible. Thank you Frances.”
– Megan Cowie

“I have a new understanding of what skin rolling is. From an intensity that is painful and aggressive to an intensity this is releasing, relaxing, and with increased flexibility. The video presentation and the handouts were excellent. Good class participation, and the bodywork was great.”
– Doyle

“I enjoyed this class so much! I learned about working with scar tissue and adhesions. It’s amazing to learn how the skin can be so attached to the muscle and underlying tissue, which contribute to severe tightness and constrictions. Rolling the skin helped me feel so much looser and flexible. It’s an easy to do, slow and relaxing. A wonderful experience.”
– Jeanne Marie


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