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Focus on Fascia: Shoulder Girdle-Rotator Cuff

Instructor:  Frances Nicolais

Focus on Fascia: Shoulder Girdle

“Frances’ classes are fun and educating. I can’t help but keep coming back. I feel like I have more tools for the box.”
April S., Altadena, CA

 “I loved this class. Shoulder and Girdle techniques are essential for an MFR Therapist. I loved learning the work and receiving the work.”
Natalie B., Studio City, CA

 “Good class that shows you can help out the shoulder through direct and indirect touch.”
Dan T., Woodland Hills, CA

 “I took this class as a refresher. It was a great class and I learned a lot. It is amazing what you can do with MFR work, and I would recommend the class to all massage therapists.”
William F., Sunland, CA

 “What a great class – I learned so much from this class.”
Sue F., Los Angeles, CA

 “FOF Shoulder Girdle is an eye opening experience. I enjoyed the vast amount of training. The hand outs are so useful and great for review. Thank You.”
Barclay B., S. Pasadena, CA

 “Not only is this class full of wonderful techniques and great information, you get lots of amazing work with a lovely group of therapists. Plus, Frances is a fantastic instriuctor.”
Karen B., Northridge, CA

“Every class I take here gets better and better. I use everything I have learned. I began taking classes here in January. I can’t wait for the next one.”
Debbie C., Valencia, CA

“It was good to practice on each other to feel how it works. I liked the instructor’s guide on how to do it when I was not sure. It was a very good class and I’ve learned a lot.”
– Yumi Sugihara, Burbank

“Content. Incredible stuff. I love it.”
– Cathy Norrod, Altadena

“I believe shoulder girdle/rotater cuff class is the most needed for everyone. Wonderful, effective, pain relieving! Frances is great. Patient and really does well in her organization of the class, timing of each technique, etc.”
– Diana Spink, Panorama City

“The shoulder releases are so good to receive – and will be so therapeutic to give to my clients with those restrictions.”
– Mary Frances, Los Angeles

“Great class and materials!!! Everything was extraordinarily well-written, prepared, and taught. You will learn new great techniques for releasing the tension soreness in the neck and shoulders stress, where to grab the client’s shoulder correctly and exactly-how to work for frozen shoulder treatment, pain in the shoulder treatment, and stress-conditions with similar symptoms. Thank you for the class!”
– Maia G.
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