Hands On Healing Testimonials – Focus on Fascia: Scar Tissue

Instructor:  Frances Nicolais and Tom Hambright

“Valuable techniques for addressing scar tissue and how to release and further the healing process in the body. Wonderful instructor!”
-Sheryl S., West Hills, CA

“Very useful and practical tools for bodywork sessions. Not something taught much in other modalities. I like that we can use the tools for self-care too.”
-Cynthia A., Alhambra, CA

“The techniques are beneficial for me and I learned how to eliminate pain from clients who have been in chronic pain. Tom made the class fun and interesting.”
– Lissette M., Los Angeles, CA

“Thank you Tom for a great class. You made it fun to learn!”
-“Debi C., Valencia, CA

“Tom has a wonderful, fun way of presenting the material. I am excited to integrate these techniques into my massage.”
-Kristin B., Pasadena, CA

“It was a great class!! Thank you. The essential oil we used was amazing too.”
-Keiko Y., Los Angeles, CA

“I enjoyed this class immensely. Learning techniques for releasing scar tissue is a huge self-care measure for me and helps me to understand “the release” for my clients.”
-Janet K., Symair, CA

“Tom is vey good at teaching the hands on techniques.  His explanations are very clear and I like his calm, relaxing demeanor. Also, he has got a great sense of humor.”
Rosa R., Duarte, CA

“Great course. the information was valuable.  I felt the difference in my leg after releasing the scar on my quad.”
Peter N., Arcadia, CA

” Amazing insights! Learned a new definition of scar tissue in visible forms as well as internal(non-visible) forms. Tom has a special, gentle patient manner of delivering the protocol and techniques.”
Lisa A., Monrovia, CA

“Very good class. I was auditing but re-learned valuable ways to work on scar tissue. In addition I received much needed work on my own abdominal surgical scars. Tom did a great job.”
-Bill F., Sunland, CA

“I thought I was full of scars today, what I failed to realize is that I am but most of them are under the surface of the skin. Now I feel very comfortable with the techniques I learned in this class to work on my clients’ scar tissue (deep and superficial) and my own.”
-Natalie B., Studio City, CA

“This was a fantastic class! Loved working the umbilicus-our original scar! Tom did a great job teaching the class; was very helpful. There were many great scars to work on and a small enough group to get lots of personal attention! As Tom’s debut in teaching the Scar Tissue class, he has done a very thorough, fantastic job!”
-Nancy M. Canyon Country, CA

“This class was very enjoyable. Tom is a great teacher and made the class fun and he is very funny. It kept things rolling along. I learned some helpful techniques in improving scars. I saw improvement in my own scar. The handouts are going to be beneficial in reviewing the techniques.”
-Linda D., Sylmar, CA

“I learned some great techniques to add to my toolbox. Working with scar tissue was a good experience, both giving and receiving. Tom is an excellent instructor and made the class fun. I especially like his input and direction during table work. This class was nicely paced and I enjoyed both giving and receiving.”
-Karen B., Northridge, CA

“I did enjoy this class very much. I have a scar that is 35 years old, after one day of work on this area, I have feeling I have not had in a very long time. It is the beginning of new feeling in my body. It is a good thing. Tom did a great job in teaching the class.”
-Debra F., Northridge, CA

“I very much enjoyed this Scar Tissue.  I learned that it’s okay to feel, to mourn, to weep – and it’s safe.  I’m experienced that going through blockages promotes healing.”
– Diana Spink, Panorama City CA

“It is it’s own form of release to push past your fear into a place you don’t want to be even if you only hit the edge of it.   Each time you go there the edge moves a bit further.”
– Staci De Jesus, La Crescenta CA

“I never gave much thought to the ways scar tissue can affect the whole body before this class, but after having my scar worked on, I realized it was connected to restrictions throughout my entire body. And with just the work in this class my scar visibly changed by the end of the day”
– Jonathon Cowie, Los Angeles CA 

“Very effective work done in this class. Working, manipulating, holding and overall “toying” with scar tissue has it’s rewards! Many different feelings, emotions, thoughts and mood shifts can come from this work. I highly recommend this class. And Frances is the best! A really truly great instructor!”
– Dawn Lunde, La Crescenta CA

“Focus on Fascia: Scar Tissue class  gave great insight into how scar tissue can really affect us. Both locally + throughout the whole body and how important it is to work on it.”
– Steve Davis, Tujunga CA

“A great class to learn “scar tissue” specific techniques, which can affect tissue in other areas of the body since we’re all connected!”
– Carla Epstein, South Pasadena CA


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