Hands On Healing Testimonials –
Focus on Fascia: Pelvic Girdle/Low Back

Instructor:  Frances Nicolais

“Essential class! The Pelvic Girdle is the core and center and starting point in strengthening the remainder of the body. Fantastic class, fantastic instructor.”
Sheryl S., West Hills, CA

“Thank you Frances and to my fellow classmates for introducing and applying all the Pelvic Girdle/Low Back techniques. This is a very important class due to the high statistics on low back problems and injuries. A must do!”
Lisa A., Monrovia, CA

“There were many “moves” we learned in this class, and all were very effective. I am hoping to keep practicing in order to process/make this work second nature. I really appreciate the work Frances puts into her handouts, otherwise I would be lost. Thank you.”
Rosa R., Duarte, CA

“I very much enjoyed FOF: Pelvic Girdle. I have learned how important it is to have a balanced happy pelvis to hold the rest of the body in alignment. I am excited to implement the techniques I learned to improve others postures and alignments. Thank you.”
Tabitha H., Pasadena, CA

“Great class!! Such a powerful area that held a lot personally and resonated deeply. I can’t wait to start incorporating things I learned. Thank you Frances for an incredible experience.”
Debi C., Valencia, CA

“Amazing class. Instructor knows what she is doing and how to get across all material. Even when a student has issues, the flexibility of the intructor and modality are very telling throughout.”
Matthew M., North Hollywood, CA

“I can really feel the difference after just a few minutes! Always a pleasure to be in the MFR classes.”
-Charlene L., Temple City, CA

“Another very informative and technique intensive class. I learned a lot and feel that I have plenty to work with for my clients with Low Back/ Pelvic issues.”
-Chris H., Glendale, CA

“My hips have not been this free in years and I have gained many new tools to help many clients. The people and the teachers are amazing.”
Jeff I., Los Angeles, CA

“I really learned a lot about the structure of the pelvis in the class. I was challenged by this class and inspired by it. Tons and tons of techniques!”
-April S., Altadena, CA

“I really would recommend this class because not only was it fun but it was also really educational and helpful. Frances taught us how to identify structures and how to deal with such problems.”
-Theresa L., Glendale, CA

“Myofascial release in general is amazing. Now, I feel like I can tackle any pelvic problem. I love the class, Frances, the information, etc…”
-Patrick R., Pasadena, CA

“Super revolutionary class for me after taking Fascia I. A lot of things clicked into place. The pelvis area is such a huge piece of the Body and place for issues, which almost everyone faces.”
-Sunshine S., Los Angeles, CA

“I loved the class. I feel more grounded then I have felt in years.”
-Natalie B., Studio City, CA

“This class gave me a different set of tools to work with in releasing the pelvis. The techniques were easy to follow because Frances’ demonstrations were very concise. The handouts with pictures are going to be invaluable to me. Thank you so much Frances! <3″
-Linda D., Sylmar, CA

“I loved this class as I did FOF I and Skin Rolling. Frances is the best instructor. Great Instruction, great handouts, great people in all the classes I have taken and Hands on Healing Institute.”
-Debbie F., Northridge, CA

“Great class! Takes everything to a whole new level. Powerful techniques for powerful healing.”
-Karen L., Pasadena, CA

“Great class, great teacher!”
-Philipp M., Los Angeles, CA

“This class is amazing! I am totally planning on retaking this class. I feel 100% different having taking this class. Frances is amazing & if I haven’t met her I wouldn’t be able to unwind all the past emotions that have built up!”
– Jessica L., Baldwin Park, CA

“Focus on Fascia: Pelvic Girdle-Low Back is not only informative, but it’s fun and you get much needed treatment in a much needed area. Highly recommend it!”
– Eddie F., Arcadia, CA

“FOF Pelvic Girdle and Low Back is a must take for anyone interested in doing MFR- fabulous techniques to open the hips, pelvic girdle, & low back. Wonderful self-help tools as well! Frances is an amazing instructor.”
– Shelly T., Altadena, CA

“Great tools and techniques to have to release stiffness in the Pelvic Girdle and around the sacrum. Thank you!”
– Linhua W., Pasadena, CA

“What a fantastic class for opening up the hips, sacrum, & pelvic areas! Definitely worth taking this class!”
– Nancy M., Canyon Country, CA

“Learned techniques that opened up the pelvis & haven’t felt this open for a long time!”
– Dominick S., Newhall, CA

“Myofascial Release has changed my life.  I’m a better therapist and it carries over, no matter what modality I use.  I feel happier and healthier.”
– Laura Apoliona, Los Angeles


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