Hands On Healing Testimonials – Focus on Fascia: Oscillations

Instructor:  Frances Nicolais

“I loved oscillations! This technique is so fun and you can really connect with the clients rythem. Even the smallest oscillations can have such a powerful effect within your body. Oscillations is a simple yet powerful technique that any practitioner can implement into their work. It offers long lasting effects since it re-hydrates and opens up the fascial system. Thank you.”
Tabitha H., Pasadena, CA

“This is the most fun class I have taken so far. Really love the variety that oscillations offers clients.”
Gary C., North Hollywood, CA

“So glad to learn about oscillations! The technique works for warming up, for the center of the therapy session and for winding down. It is a great feedback loop between client and therapist.”
Janet K., Sylmar, CA

“I received everything I thought the class would give me and more. Good class. Combination of ideas and bodywork keeps us in a state of learning I feel.”
Matthew M., North Hollywood, CA

“I didn’t expect to love oscillations. I love doing them, I love the effect they have and I love the fact that I can get creative with it. Frances is an excellent instructor. I appreciate the work she puts into her handouts and her organizations too.”
Rosa R., Duarte, CA

“Oscillations is a wonderful way to connect with the bodies natural healing process. It makes me understand the gravity of water and bodily fluids in the healing process.”
– Daniel B., Sunland, CA

“Fun to have with the fluid motion in ourselves and with our client. So effective both diagnostically and therapeutically.”
– Sherry M., Sun Valley, CA

“Fun and very useful. Can apply throughout the body.”
– Neil E., Los Angeles, CA

“Non-invasive but powerful techniques good for everyone particularly younger people… Great as well.”
– Linhua W., Pasadena, CA

“I can’t believe it took me 19 years to finally learn this amazing technique! Don’t wait, learn it now. You’ll be able to apply it immediately.”
– Vanessa R.,  Los Angeles, CA

“One of my favorite classes here at HHI.  Every student would benefit from this class no matter what modalities they do.  Amazing!  Fun!”
– Heather White, Glendale

“I think this is an amazing tool to get past physical and mental restrictions”
– Christie Deddens, Los Angeles

“Having also been a Myofascial Release client, I’ve seen what oscillations can do for restricted areas.  It really shows that sometimes the smallest moves are most effective.”
– Stephen Davis, Sherman Oaks

“This class showed me how to rock and roll with great techniques to open up, relax and unwind my clients.  Thank you, Frances!”
– Mary Frances Spencer, Los Angeles


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