Hands On Healing Testimonials – Focus on Fascia I (Myofascial Release)

Instructor:  Frances Nicolais

“Frances is a great teacher. She is easy going instructor.”
-Ken P., Covina, CA

“Frances is such a great, fun and knowledgeable instructor. I am looking forward to future classes from her.”
-Julio D., Los Angeles, CA

“I enjoyed class. MFR is a very interesting modality. Can’t wait for more classes.”
-Chris R., Tujunga, CA

“MFR with Frances was so expanding for my bodywork practice. I can’t wait to take more MFR classes. I feel equipped to start adding MFR techniques immediately.”
-Brooke S., Los Angeles, CA

“This class introduced to me many MFR techniques that I will utilize in my massage career.”
-Izzi B., Pasadena, CA

“Frances is absolutely amazing. So full of knowledge and truly connects with every student. I appreciate her and this class so much!”
“Bradley B., Panorama City, CA

“I enjoyed class and gained confidence each time. I am excited for future courses.”
-Chelsea B., Pasadena, CA

“Good class! One of my favorites.”
-John S., La Canada, CA

“I truly enjoyed how experiential this class was. Frances is good in all she explains.”
-Steve F., Los Angeles, CA

“Frances is such an extraordinary teacher, she shares so much not just about the techniques but also about client communication and theory.”
-Christina A., Bubank, Pasadena, CA

“I learned a good number of techniques that I can use immediately. I am ready for the next class. Frances make the class fun and easy to follow.”
-Rebeka T., Burbank, CA

“Fascial class was very fun learning experience. The techniques are useful for body aches. The FOF I class is good modality to incorporate into a massage session.”
-Richard R., Covina, CA

“I feel like this class will contribute to my work as and Occupational Therapist and to my personal well being also.”
-Anna M., Los Angeles, CA

“Great class! My body felt great and all the technique were fun and intriguing. Teacher is great.”
-James H, La Canada, CA

“I really enjoyed this class. Frances is very patient and a great communicator. I really love her teaching style.”
-Veronica C., Los Angeles, CA

“Loved this class! I can use the techniques right away. Frances is amazing teacher and so accessible. She explains everything well and gives plenty of individual attention.”
-Cynthia Y., Los Angeles, CA

“Super fun class. Learn great techniques with plenty of practice time. It is very rewarding to feel the differences after each hold and being able to trade with others. Frances is a pro as always giving myofascial love and sharing priceless insights. Thank you!
-Michael L., Los Angeles, CA

“Love this class! I was pleasantly surprised I feel like I am ready to conduct an MFR session now. I also love the techniques are easy on my  body as a therapist. I highly recommend this class.”
-Brandie A., Sun Valley, CA

“Absolutely enjoyed learning more about the amazing world of fascia! It is always exciting to gain more tools for our therapist tool box! I really love how MFR has powerful techniques to aid the body in releasing deep seeded traumas in the body! Even down to the cellular level. So fascinating and wonderful!  Love, Love, Love MFR! Keeps me excited to learn more advanced bodywork and how I can be of more assistance for others to heal themselves. Such powerful techniques! Thank you.
Tabitha H., Pasadena, CA

“I discovered a whole new world that I can integrate into my old protocol of medical massage. This was the missing link indeed!”
Lisa A., Monrovia, CA

“This class has expanded my mind in the way of seeing and working on the body. Fascia is fascinating and exciting and has opened up new possibilities for me and my clients.”
Roxanne A., Alta Dena, CA

“Class was very fun. Loved learning about Fascia, class was worth it just for that.”
Matthew M., North Hollywood, CA

“This work is so incredibly effective. These techniques have helped so much in my own healing. I am looking forward to using these techniques to help facilitate the healing in others.”
Trish K., Saugus, CA

“This class is essential to all massage therapists. I have been practicing for over 20 years and still learned a great deal about myself and the human body. Thank you Frances!”
Barclay B., South Pasadena, CA

“I’m amazed at the effectiveness of MFR! Excited to start practicing. Looking forward to taking more classes.”
Rosa R., Pico Rivera, CA

“Frances is a wonderful teacher. She is passionate about the class and it is infectious in her teaching. It is important for any type of body worker to understand and apply the principles in their work. Communication, respect, and compassion are complimentary to the physical components. Bottom line, want to be a better healer? Don’t pass on MFR. It’s essential.”
Madeline W., Encino, CA

“Great class. Very effective. Frances is amazing, so authentic, real and a super motivating teacher! Very knowledgeable and fun!”
Astrid W., Los Angeles, CA 

“Focus on Fascia I has been the greatest experience I’ve ever had! She has taught me to listen to my body & free my mind of “staying quiet!” Allowing me to really accept & look with my eyes how deep I can go physically & emotionally! I recommend this class for anybody!”
– Jessica L., Baldwin Park, CA

“MFR is the greatest. The release is long lasting. Surprisingly I wake up still released several days after treatment. There are so many parts of the body you can get to.”
– Natasha R., Tujunga, CA

“Frances is great; easy going patient and very supportive. Would highly recommend this class to anyone. Two days a week in the evening, easy schedule. Friendly, fun, everyone is welcome!”
– Gina B., Sunland, CA

“Highly recommended- MFR is a lasting treatment beyond massage. You will learn great releasing techniques for the entire body.”
– Shelly T., Altadena, CA

“I’ve been practicing massage therapy for several years, I have studied several different modalities but I don’t think I’ve ever felt anything that feels so much like the “right fit.”
– Troy R., Los Angeles, CA

“Loved the class. I learned more each time I came, I had a few brief classes with an instructor in the past and the explanations I got now are more detailed to understanding. Can’t wait to take more classes.”
– Regina P., Saugus, CA

“Frances is a thorough teacher, giving appropriate demonstrations, examples from her own life, and plenty of practice sessions. A good foundation from whoever to expand.”
– Craig H., Topanga, CA

“Thank you for having Frances as a teacher. She is my favorite teacher and I would take any of her classes.”
– Kris A., Tujunga, CA

“I found Hands on Healing Institute and Ms. Nicolais while doing a search from my office in Delaware.  Her class looked interesting and was a good price.  My objective was to learn about myofascial release to help my physically disabled clients, and to educate myself with self-help stretching techniques.  I got both and much, much more!  Ms. Nicolais is a great instructor with a genuine touch for the body and spirit, who can help a therapist connect to him/herself and most importantly provide great techniques for their clients.’’
Marie C.

“I just finished the Focus on Fascia I class and am convinced that MFR is a must-have modality in my bodywork practice.  There is much to learn, but I feel that Frances did a great job of explaining each step and gave the class a solid foundation to build upon in this modality.  And we had fun.’’
-Joyce B.

”I laughed. I cried. I moaned and groaned. Yes, I received amazing work, but more important, I learned a technique that is incredibly effective in changing our bodies.  I left the class standing taller, literally and figuratively with immediate plans to incorporate what I’ve learned into my practice. Thank you Frances.’’
– Robert D.

“FOF I is a great introduction to MFR. It’s the right amount of technique to be able to start to incorporate into your practices. This class is wonderful.”
– Amie Bjorklund, Burbank CA

“I have taken a lot of electives at many different schools but this was the first I felt a total mind and body connection in both receiving AND giving. The giving was just as wonderfully peaceful – which was a joy!”
– Irena Kurpiel, North Hollywood CA

“The Myofascial class is a class that takes me into a journey. This is an opening for anyone. It’s a great class. Thank you Frances, you are a great teacher.”
– Mary

“This is an excellent class and the techniques taught allow you to be able to give amazing therapeutic sessions. Thank you for offering this great course. I truly enjoyed all the techniques and am looking forward to using them to help people heal.”
– Paola Jarrin, Burbank CA

“I feel like I can now give an MFR session and I am so inspired to continue learning/practicing this modality. It is transformative both physically and emotionally. Thank you Frances for sharing your knowledge (and great moves)!!!”
– MF, Los Angeles CA

“This class has brought my skills up to a whole new level. I feel I have been given the ability to work more deeply on many levels. The information given is clear and concise and the class is structured so there is plenty of time for hands on experience and for questions/concerns.”
– Mimi Poor, Tujunga CA

“The class time was used constructively. There was sufficient time to practice the techniques.”
– Aisha Nouh, Los Angeles CA

“Class was well organized. There were chances to ask questions and time between classes to practice what we learned. FOF I and II has been an amazing learning experience and fulfilled all my expectations and more.”
– S.G., Burbank CA

“This work is great for more structural, long-term, lasting effects. It is easy on the therapist’s body as well. Frances is the best. She is patient, answers all questions and gives a lot of time for questions, discussion, and experiences.”
– Carla Epstein, South Pasadena CA

“I felt safe to go beyond my safety zone, and really get in touch with my hidden pain. And I learned to help others release, in a safe way, that doesn’t hurt my body.”
– Ahn Lottman, Monrovia CA

“Frances is very passionate about Focus on Fascia. She makes the course fun and full of knowledge. I felt safe going through the unwinding.”
– Rosie Alegria, Pasadena CA

“This class will blow your mind!  It’s a combination of education, learning about your body and so much about yourself.  This is life changing!!!  Why didn’t I learn this before?  Frances has the ability to make it a safe space.”
– Vicky Saikali, Glendora CA

“I loved the opening and closing circles.  That’s when all my doubts and questions were addressed and I felt safe to bring up any issues I was dealing with.  I can’t wait to take more myofascial release classes.”
– Veronica Pena, Pacoima CA

“Taking Focus on Fascia I has greatly improved my confidence and knowledge of the fascial system.”
– Diana Spink, Panorama City CA

“One of the strengths of the course is the trust within the group to have emotional releases.”
– Laura Apoliona, Los Angeles CA

“This Class is unreal. Absolutely amazing! If you let it, the body can do wonderful things. I really enjoyed the class and the time flew. Frances is an awesome instructor and I sure learned a lot. Great class!”
– Barbara Uyeda, Pasadena CA

“The class made me feel much more competent as a therapist. I feel much more equipped to handle any pain my clients have. It was truly eye opening to the power of bodywork and especially MFR, which I was ignorant about before. I have much more enthusiasm about this field now”
– Jonathon Cowie, Los Angeles CA 

“Such a great exposure to the world of fascia + how important it is to our health + well-being. Francis is an excellent instructor + her enthusiasm for the subject is infectious.”
– Steve Davis, Tujunga CA

“Focus on Fascia 1: simply amazing! This class introduces a brand new way of working a clients body, instead of heavy hands, moving muscles and deep digging – long steady holding, stretching and “listening to your clients inner physician is the way. Devine, wonderful, helpful, and very effective!”
– Dawn Lunde, La Crescenta CA

“I’m hooked on Fascia. I’ve discovered my therapist within and reaped the benefits of healing after our series of cross hand, arm pulls and rotations. I love this modality. Frances is a gifted instructor.”
– Laura Weston, Montrose CA

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