Hands On Healing Testimonials – Focus on Fascia II

Focus on Fascia II (Myofascial Release)

Instructor:  Frances Nicolais

“FOF II was amazing! I feel more confident about what a full session would be like. Thank you Frances!
-Angela C., Los Angeles, CA

“This class took me to the next level as an MFR therapist. I feel more confident. I feel more capable to let the MFR happen and follow the client’s body to create that space for them to create their own healing.”
-Matt H., Irvine, CA

“FOF is the start of a new paradigm way of healing for our bodies! Frances delivers the information very eloquently and simple to understand. I love this class and can’t wait till the next level.
-Lisa A.; Sherman Oaks, CA

“I really enjoyed the cranialsacral techniques! I was surprised by how effective the subtle movement and touches were!”
Charlene L., Temple City, CA

“Loved the class. Left with new techniques, more confidence, and solidified what I already knew.”
– Marcela H., South Pasadena, CA

“I love MFR! So I was super excited to take this. I learned so much and I’m more confident than I was before.”
– Jade G., Monrovia, CA

“Frances has done it again! Fantastic class for pulling the techniques together for a session of MFR.”
Nancy M., Canyon Country, CA

“Frances adds to the knowledge of MFR holds/moves/techniques in this class. The info she imparts instills more confidence. A must have class to pull all MFR techniques together.”
– Dominick S., Newhall, CA

“Definitely a more advanced all-together class with a chance to get a deeper understanding of everything I have learned so far about all the MFR techniques and feeling of touch.”
– Linhua W., Pasadena, CA

“LOVED the Focus on Fascia class! Recommend for all MT students & MFR groupies. Many more tools to use with my clients. Feeling comfortable with planning a healing plan for my clients!”
– Jessica L., Baldwin Park, CA

“Frances really knows her MFR-from her extensive training and working.  She teaches it very concisely-with passion and a sense of curiosity”
– Mary Frances Spencer, Los Angeles

“FOF II expands not only a student’s repertory, but also his confidence to use whatever he has at this point.”
Natalie Bowers, Los Angeles

“This class made me fall deeper in love with MFR. I felt safe, supported, and given courage to move along on my journey.”
– Shane Gregory, Burbank

“This is a must for everyone taking Focus On Fascia I. A great way to get in touch with your own body as well. This is a great technique for effective long lasting structural changes in clients body.”
– Carla Epstein, South Pasadena

“Focus On Fascia 2 allowed me to strip away the chaotic junk to reveal the healing balance within that is my joyful essence.”
– Anh Lottman

“This class gave me a deeper sense of connected touch.  Frances’ classes are always full of new information that you can apply immediately to the treatment room.”
Sarah T., Glendale, CA

“FOF 2 is a major leap forward in learning techniques and modalities.  Understanding transverse planes, cranial-sacral theory and practices; these are important components of advanced practice.  Frances is an expert practitioner and teacher!”
-Janet K., Sylmar, CA

“What started out as a class that I had no idea what to expect for a few new arm/leg pulls.  FOF II taught me cranial-sacral, furthered my unwinding knowledge, and made me much more confident in recognizing and treating ailments/issues with myofascial release. Frances knocks it out of the park like always.”
Daniel T., Woodland Hills, CA

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