Hands On Healing Testimonials

Focus on Fascia: Fibromyalgia

Instructor:  Frances Nicolais

“I feel I got well acquainted with the methods and awareness needed to treat patients who have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. There was a good amount of hands on work.
-Steve F., Los Angeles, CA

“Excellent class. Tom is a good teacher. Learned a lot about this condition, techniques as well as modifications for different people.”
-Christina A., Pasadena, Ca

“It was really good. Tom is a cool guy and we really liked him!”
-John & Izzi., Los Angeles, CA

“I thoroughly love the incorporation of Myofascial Release techniques with the aromatherapy oil blend.  It’s a testament to the holistic approach at HHI.”
– Aisha Nouh, Los Angeles

“It was a good experience to understand the energetic component of Myofascial work.”
– Anh Thi Lottman, Monrovia
“FOF Fibromyalgia gives the student a clear definition of what is understood about this condition and a perfect amount of simple techniques to use with clients.”
– Natalie Bowers, Los Angeles

“These are some great tips and techniques that can be applied to any modality.”
– Wanda Carroll, Sylmar

“I loved learning the wonders of Myofascia Release and the simplicity of the techniques.”
– Irene Boblack, Alhambra

“Myofascial release is awesome for physical healing.  This is the BEST thing I have ever learned to heal physical restrictions and scars.  The unexpected emotional healing was both safe and an open door to new wisdom.”
– Diana Spink, Panorama City

“I found the Fibromyalgia class very helpful. Even though I do not have Fibromyalgia, I could feel positive shifts and my body unwind patterns of tension all throughout the class. I feel like I have more knowledge and tools to help someone with Fibromyalgia. I was amazed at how much healing could go on with the gentle holds on the transverse planes. Frances is an excellent teacher who not only is clear in her explanations of the techniques but she goes around to each person and will show them what the technique should feel like and answers any questions. Whether a person has Fibromyalgia or not, I believe this class has great value!”
– Patty K


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