Hands On Healing Testimonials –
Focus on Fascia: Deep Mobilization

Instructor:  Frances Nicolais

“Great, clean, and well thought out. Clearly explained and a wonderful teacher. Sweat way to explain the difference between other modalities and MFR.”
– Bernice Lee, Alhambra, CA

“Amazing techniques learned to be added into any massage. Without using cream or oil it is really cool to be able to do such deep work, with fantastic results. Frances is a very knowledgeable, caring, and passionate teacher who knows what she does.”
– Valerie Jasso, Glendora, CA

“I loved it! I learned some great things to open up hips, back, legs, and arms. It’s also good to receive work, so you know what your clients are feeling, to have my own body. I love Focus on Fascia classes! This also could be added to a lot of other modalities, such as deep tissue, acupressure, etc…”
– Carla Epstien, South Pasadena, CA

“Thank you again Frances for a great class! Deep Mobilization 2 really brings everything we learned in Deep Mobilization 1 together. I can’t wait to use some of the techniques on my clients. The type of work really blends nicely with my deep tissue works.”
– Michelle Anderson, Los Angeles, CA

“The Deep Mobilization classes were fantastic! I learned so much more that it has really changed my practice. I feel so much more confident in being able to help clients release.”
– Sue Frances, Los Angeles

“This class beautifully melds with my other modalities, but it is also fabulous by itself. I really enjoy the work and trying the axial body/extremities together really gives a more complete foundation to the complexities of deep mobilization.”
– Nancy McPeters, Canyon Country, CA

“Thank you Frances! Deep Mobilization 1 has been a great class to be a part of. The Techniques are amazing and very effective. I can’t wait to take Deep Mobilization 2. I know my clients are going to benefit from this work. I feel I was meant to do this type of work.”
– Michelle A

“Wonderful class. Learning new ways to help clients is always a great thing. Working without cream is easier than was expected. Frances has such a passion for what she does in her MFR it makes learning a joy.”
– Valerie J

“I loved Deep Mobilization and work introduced. Deep work. Slow, and without lotion. It is a fantastic modality to incorporate in my work.”
– Mona M

“Absolutely love Deep Mobilization class! These techniques are amazing and I am eager to sue them to further help my clients healing process. The fascia system and MFR is so fascinating I can’t wait to learn more through the Focus on Fascia track!”
– Tabitha H

“Great deep work-enjoyed both giving and receiving. Frances makes all of her classes enjoyable in all the details. Easy to use hand outs, good music, feedback at beginning and the end of class, swag bag goodies, and motivational cards of inspiration. Thank you Frances!”
– Sherry M.

“This is a really great program. Frances is an amazing instructor and her energy is fabulous. I can’t wait to take more fascia classes!”
– Nancy M.

“I loved this class. I’m amazed at the depth of this class!”
– Sue F.

“Frances is very patent and knowledgeable. She truly enjoys working with the fascia and assisting clients. The work from this class can be very deep, yet Frances shows the students how to make the work as comfortable as possible. The work really helps open up some adhesions and improve overall mobility.”
– Annette C.

”A great class – lots of bodywork – a two-day intensive from which I learned techniques that were immediately put into my practice.  A fabulous compliment to Deep Spa, Deep Tissue, and probably MFR.  My “deep” clients really love it!”
– Alice Marie F

”Deep Mobilization was a great class for all modalities. It will enhance a Swedish, deep tissue, also MFR. I felt more shifts from this class then any single class I’ve taken previously. I was sore – in a good way! I feel more open and more movement. I’ve already been using it on clients and am receiving great feedback from clients.”
– Carla E

”The work I received in class helped my whole structure change. My hips, knees and ankles shifted so I am finally walking on my feet evenly. My “bad” cholesterol dropped significantly, as did my high blood pressure, and my entire body gained an entire inch of height!”
– Doyle S

“I really enjoyed the 2 day Deep Mobilization class taught by my favorite teacher, Frances Nicolais. I have been practicing massage for 18 years, and was looking for a new approach to deep tissue that didn’t wear on my body. At 5’2″, most of my clients are larger than me, and sometimes it’s a challenge to penetrate. By learning this new technique, the focus is on the clients allowing themselves to soften the tissue as I lean in and move ever so slowly. I am now getting a once a week return deep tissue client who is amazed at the results. Another aspect of this MFR based work is the unlocking of stored trauma that can be accessed and released from the muscles. As a receiver, I was able to overcome a chronic shoulder pain that actually originated from the front rib, which was discovered during my first full treatment with Frances. Being able to explore the connection of emotion and physical pain, and guiding clients to release these energies – is truly fascinating work!”
– Meg A

“It was a great learning experience in this class, and it was just getting better with time.  Thanks for all the intense sensation.”
-Linhua W., Pasadena, CA

“Great class! Learning to get the muscle engaged to release is a valuable lesson.  Another great FOF class.  Tom is an excellent and knowledgeable teacher.  I am looking forward to taking more classes from him and the school in the future.”
-Daniel T., Woodland Hills, CA

“Loved this class! It was super fun and I learned so much.  Tom explained everything very well and was attentive to our learning.  he is very knowledgeable and knows his stuff. I will incorporate the techniques in each of my sessions.”
-Karen L., Pasadena, CA

“I can not begin to explain how beneficial this class was for me.  Awesome techniques and wonderful instructor.  Tom is very attentive as well as fun.  I also enjoyed all of the students that were in the class, good group of people.”
-Patricia K. Saugus, CA


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