Energy Therapy II : Dynamic
Instructor: Andrea Schally

“I enjoyed this class very much.  The actual unfolding of the class matched the class description as it is shown in the pop-up window of Hands on Healing Institute’s calendar, when you click on the name of this class in a calendar box.  All of the announced aspects have been addressed in the class.  The instructor diligently paid attention to every individual student in the class room.  Every student had plenty of opportunities for feedback.  Every student expressed ideas, questions, practical experiences, observations have been discussed, and they have triggered further insights for other students.  Ad hoc, the teaching was tailored to the individual students present as much as it can be done in a class group setting.  The instructor listened!  She observed , physically and intuitively.  She brought forward and made transparent essential events of the therapist-client interactions in the classroom.  She also furthered the collaboration in the classroom and the personal growth of the individual student too.
These Energy Classes with Andrea Schally are very rare opportunities for the therapist to learn how to deal with his or her own energy field emanation during the work with a client.  In this class, the beginning as well as the advanced therapist can train to avoid interferences of the therapist’s fields with the client, which otherwise might occur unnoticed.  It is being taught and trained how any added stress to the client through impact of the therapist’s fields on the client might be minimized or even avoided altogether. I have trained and practiced in several energy therapy modalities for many years.  Commonly, the consideration of the impact of the therapist’s field on the client is addressed or handled in various different ways, if at all.  Here, in this sequence of classes with Andrea Schally, a unique approach is being taught, which eases for the client a “strange or overwhelming or not expected” experience of the therapist’s field.  This way, the client can experience the session and rest – in his or her own field.  It allows the client’s body to truly relax and heal.”
Sig D., Los Angeles, CA


Energy Healing Level II
Instructor: Heather White
“Energy is all there is”

“Never in my dreams did I think that I would “get” this subject. I’m really excited that I took this Energy class. It’s really opened the possibilities to enhance the other bodywork modalities.”
Irene B., Alhambra

“Heather is terrific and makes a warm environment that is conducive to learning. Her Q&As are superb. She never made me feel quirky for asking peculiar questions.”
Sharon M., Arcadia

“I really enjoy Heather’s energetic, yet intelligent approach to her teaching. She encourages the class with questions, experiences and comments. I would encourage all therapists to sit in a least one energy class…it is important to understand the basics of energy because everything is composed of energy. It is everywhere.”
Matt B., Palmdale


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