Energy Therapy I
Instructor : Andrea Schally

“Very interesting-very intense. Cannot explain more than that.”
Astrid W., Los Angeles, CA

“I enjoyed tangibly feeling energy and getting a basic introduction to what energy is. It is an extremely hard and big topic to explain and I felt Andrea did an excellent job to simplify to make it the most tangible as possible! I have to admit my head is spinning but my curiosity is engaged…so, Thank you!”
Debbie C., Valencia, CA

“It is such a fun class. Andrea’s teaching method makes it so much easier to understand and grasp. It really pointed out the simplest and basic of things, and how it manifests from our actions. The awareness that this class gave me is irreplaceable.”
Lindsey F., Duarte, CA

“It was a very fascinating and interesting class! I like the way Andrea teaches this Energy class, I feel like she made it very simple and back to basics. I felt like she made everything clear and it was digestible. I am looking forward to the future energy classes!”
Christina C., Monrovia, CA

“I really loved this class. It is a good change of pace from regular Swedish Massage. This made me realize I am drawn to this type of modality. I now have a better understanding for energy and how you can manipulate it in others to help them live a healthier lifestyle!”
Michael C., Canyon Country, CA

“This class opened my mind more than I could have imagined. It was very fun and Andrea explained so many concepts that I want to explore more in depth. These ideas I can put into practice into my own daily life. Thank you!”
Patricia K., Saugus, CA


Energy Healing Level I
Instructor: Heather White
“Energy is all there is”

“I am truly blessed by this class and of course I love the way Heather is teaching…so simple but so powerful. Thank you.”
Solania S

“Really nice class by a terrific teacher J. Opened me up to new beginnings of new skills and learning. This class has and will continue to grow me in good and exciting ways. Thanks Heather!”
Sherry M

“I came into Energy class not exactly thinking someone can ‘learn’ how to get in touch with this modality. But keeping an open mind and having a very nurturing and open environment to learn and grow has changed my mind. The work or type of work I’ve just begun to learn about is difficult to articulate but it’s very intriguing and I’m looking forward to understanding and learning more. “
Robin O.

“Great way to learn and play while learning with Heather! Wonderful take home information for personal research and discovery. Beautiful work. Thank you!”
Ivonne F.

“Heather is a great teacher. She is very clear, empathetic, and organized. I am auditing this class and I learned so much more than I thought possible.”
Lou M.

“Everything is energy. Heather is one of the most nurturing, loving, supportive instructors ever. Thank you to Heather for her wisdom, knowledge, gentleness, and the ability to hold the space for us to play and grow…and heal.”
Susannah C.

“I learned an amazing amount in a short time!”
-Edie C.

 “She is a pleasure to be with and learn from.”
Mandy M.

“Drew a great combination of people to share energy and experiences with. I’m going to tell anyone that will listen how wonderful my class, classmates, and teacher were.”
Deborah M.

“A supportive instructor, comfortable atmosphere that created a sense of confidence for me. The information was presented in an easily understood manner. I took this class not knowingly I would be challenged enough to go forward with the rest of the program. I definitely intend to complete the course! Heather is great!!”
Mimi P.

“I loved this class!”…how “energy” is explained as far as the personal experience of it goes. How chakras are touched upon and how good the energy in the class feels.”
-Sharon M.

Diverse reading materials that instructor bring to this class. Gentle attention that the students are allowed the space to bring in her own issues.”
-Ching L.

 “The introduction aspect of the course was well presented and not “over my head”.
Cathy P.

“My goals for this class were met. The lectures and hands on were informative and well constructed. She (Heather) is awesome! Loved every minute of this class.”
Veronica P.

“Heather is such a sweet spirit. She is so patient with all the students. I loved this class.”
Sharon M.

“My goals for this class were met. The lectures and hands on were informative and well constructed. Heather is awesome. I loved every minute of this class.”
Veronica P.

“Heather has an amazing way of making all the students feel safe and at home. I can’t wait to take Energy II.”
Elena M.

“I doubted whether I could get a feel for energy, but Heather alleviated my fears and made it a good experience. Energy Healing I class has left me feeling so much more in balance and at peace with myself.”
Irene B.

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