Hands On Healing Testimonials – Deep Tissue Program

Instructor: Cynthia Ameson

Deep Tissue Program – Legs and Feet Class

“This is an amazing, incredibly educational class. Along with a vastly heightened awareness of anatomy, I have learned a handful of techniques that I will definitely incorporate into my practice. Every deep tissue class I take, I feel like I evolve into a mature, knowledgeable therapist.”
– Andrew E., Sherman Oaks, CA

“The class has taught me to feel more confident with my massage skills. I learned to identify and target many different muscles.”
– Ciddy F., Glendale, CA

“Wonderful class, wonderful teacher, I have grown so much under the guidance of Eloise.”
– Alysa W., Los Angeles, CA

“This class really opened up my mind to how it is to give deep pressure without causing pain, and helped me make connection between muscles and actions.”
– Rachel L., Pasadena, CA

“I loved our practical! I loved working with an educated receiver! I learned so much and was able to integrate a lot of the intellectual learning into a visceral body experience. I learned so many new tools and I learned a lot about how to use body as the true tool that induces the strokes.”
– Katherine F.

“I learned a lot of good information that I have already used in the private practice. I have deeper knowledge and understanding of my fascination continues.”
– Joyce B.

“Sherry and Eloise are very experienced teachers and I learned a lot from both of them. Their ease and comfort in their sessions is inspiring.”
– Jennifer L.

“Ever wonder what it is like to practice deep tissue massage? I sure did, and now I am confident that my knowledge and skills can be put to work when I work somewhere professionally. The teachers do fantastic job teaching you how to locate and manipulate a specific muscle.”
– Ray A.

“This was an amazing class and I learned a lot about the legs.  Everyone who does Swedish massage should know a little about deep tissue.  It’s so amazing!”
– Ania B.

“I enjoyed the course tremendously and it has contributed to my skills and understanding of how to provide a better and more healing massage.”
– Irene B.

Deep Tissue Program – Back and Neck Class

“I truly enjoy your classes; it is fun and she makes it easier to retain deep tissue massage. Thank you very much Eloise.”
– Margaret E.
“The class has a great structure; clear techniques and muscles. Very detailed.
– Anonymous

“I gained such a wealth of knowledge and experience in Eloise’s class. It was not about deep tissue by the numbers, it was about learning and knowing how to explore, search, identify the “trouble spots” in the area we were working on and relieving/releasing these adhesions and bands and knots. I now feel very confident doing deep tissue work.”
– Anonymous

“Love this class. I’m seeing a huge difference in my practice. Eloise has shown me techniques that have truly helped me to start out as a therapist and all my clients have noticed.”
– Christie D.

“Taking this class really reminds me to go slower, listen to the body, breathe, not have an agenda and most of all go where the body leads.”
– Mary Frances S.

“I feel a lot more knowledgeable and confident about working on the neck.  Very valuable information.”
Irene B.

Deep Tissue Program – Arms and Hands Class

“Yet another enlightening class under the wise tutelage of Eloise Albrecht. Every time I take one of these classes I gain more valuable tools for my arsenal. I use many of the techniques I learn in my every day sessions. Most importantly, I have learned the principles and understanding that are the cornerstones of the art of massage. I am forever grateful for this gift of knowledge.”
– Andrew E., Sherman Oaks, CA

“Gives new meaning to the term deep tissue, look at the body and its function- completely different. Better able to help the clients reduce pain and tension.”
– Erin R., Tujunga, CA

“Very good! I learned a lot that can work on my clients with and moves I can do at home by myself.”
– Jade G., Monrovia, CA

“Eloise- beautiful, intuitive, safe, informative, career building by experiment, funny, caring, and patient. Everyone in this class is amazing.”

Deep Tissue Program – Chest and Abdomen

“I had no idea before starting the course how interesting and fun Deep Tissue training could be.  In the other Deep Tissue training I received at another school, I did not enjoy receiving what was mostly deep pressure plowing with broader tools like elbows and forearms. Because I didn’t enjoy receiving it, I didn’t enjoy administering it as much either.   Eloise has delivered a course with great care, sensitivity, and attention to detail. She keeps it very entertaining with her extensive background in healing.  I have learned so much already in just a couple of weeks.  I wouldn’t have believed how relaxing, freeing, effective, non-painful, and fascinating Deep Tissue could be.  It has opened a whole new world in my practice and my clients are benefiting already. I can’t wait to continue the series!”
– Christie D.

“Fun, enthusiastic, thorough and clear”.
– Ariana P.

“Instructor is very knowledgeable, yet perceptive to individual needs. Eloise makes you feel comfortable and is very supportive when you need it the most.”
– Paul K.

“Keep up the good work. The chest and arms class was a blast!”
– Elena C.

“Eloise is great!”
– Anonymous

“Terrific class and most beneficial to help me massage clients correctly and be more informed.”
– Margaret E.

“The Deep Tissue – Chest and Abdomen course was a really wonderful and unexpected surprise! Not only does this tie together the other Deep Tissue courses, but students soon realize that opening up the chest and abdomen help alleviate many common shoulder and back complaints. Under Eloise’s insightful guidance, fellow students resolved back/shoulder issues that I suffered with for years. It’s been two years since I’ve taken the class and the pain has not returned. Clearly, this is Eloise at her best and I can’t recommend it enough!!
– Al Q.

Deep Tissue Program – Abdomen and Pelvic Class

“We have the best teachers at Hands on Healing Institute. I feel so blessed to be in Eloise’s Class.”
– Margaret E.

“This experience was wonderful. The Deep Tissue course was top notch. I have learned more than my regular CMT year of school. The teachers are very knowledgeable and fun to learn from.”
– Anonymous

“Doing the whole four courses was really the way to go. It all came together and I can’t imagine missing a section because they were all so crucial. I want more!”
– Christie D.

“Enjoyed the class thoroughly, especially having Eloise as the instructor. It was marvelous having her show us the “correct” way, the better way to do a move to get the maximum benefit out of it. It was a smart thing to do to have us work on her – that way we were able to get her input and have firmly in place the techniques of deep tissue.”
– Anonymous

“This class is part of ongoing self-discovery. Now that my own psoas and hips are open, I feel more grounded, open and able to give Deep Tissue work in this area.”
– Mary Frances S.

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