Hands On Healing Testimonials – Deep Tissue Fundamentals
Instructor:  Cynthia Ameson
July 2017

“Deep Tissue Fundamentals helped build my confidence for working deeper in the tissue.”
-Brook S., Los Angeles, CA

” I enjoyed the class.”
-John S., La Canada, CA

“Enjoyable, fun and educational.”
-Ken P., Covina, CA

“Awesome class, very educational.”
-Chris R., Tujunga, CA

“I learned so much useful information! Cynthia is amazing, funny and very knowledgeable.”
-Julio D., Los Angelea, CA

“Very fun and informative! I left with so much more confidence as a therapist!”
-Chelsea B., Pasadena, CA

“I learned a lot of cool moves!”
-Rebeka T., Burbank, CA

“I feel so relaxed after each practice session. Fun and interesting to work on super low tables.”
-James H., La Canada, CA

“I enjoyed this class. Cynthia has an amazing reputation among the students. I really appreciate her sharing her knowledge and technique with us.I am glad I took this class and can’t wait to take more.”
-Keiko Y., Los Angles, CA

“Great class. I learned and felt a lot.”
-Chris Q., Pasadena, CA

“The class was interesting and fun. I will incorporate this into my practice. I look forward to taking more classes from Cynthia.”
-Richard R., Covina, CA

“It was a great introduction to deep tissue. Cynthia is a great teacher. She is very clear and approachable.”
-Aliza R., Los Angeles, CA

“It was a great class. Very useful and productive. I learned helpful  new techniques.”
-Elena T., Los Angeles, CA

“A great review and expansion of Swedish techniques, taking things further into practical setting. The entire body was covered and we got to experience the feel of each muscle group.
-Michael L., Los Angeles, CA

Hands On Healing Testimonials – Deep Tissue Fundamentals
Instructors:  Eloise Albrecht/Cynthia Ameson

Deep Tissue Fundamentals

“I am taking away a lot of new techniques and approaches to my practice. Deep Tissue Fundamentals made me hungry for more. I look forward to starting on the Deep Tissue Track next year.”
Danielle K., Studio City, CA

 “I feel very thankful to Cynthia for her instruction on Deep Tissue massage. I learned a lot and really enjoyed the classes.”
Maria A., Sherman Oaks, CA

 “The handouts were very helpful, and the class was so small that it was like a personal tutoring session. This was almost all hands on, which is really good. We got to give and receive several times, which helped a lot to understand the techniques.”
Kate F., La Crescenta, CA

“Really awesome. So many helpful techniques to use to get down into the tissue without damaging tissue and they showed us how to use proper body mechanics to prevent injury to ourselves. Lots of hands on work. Very fun to be in this class.”
-Patricia K., Saugus, CA

“I enjoyed the class, it was very informative.”
– Danielle S., Canyon Country, CA

“Learning the intention behind Deep Tissue is fascinating to me. I never thought DT would be considered yummy until today. I feel like I absorbed enough information today to help me explain to my clients about the modality and comprehend most of the material.”
– Roxana T., La Crescenta, CA

“This class gave me practical tools that I can apply right away, as well setting a foundation for more Deep tissue work.”
– Sarah T., Glendale, CA

“This class definitely helped with lingo and ways to communicate with clients. Lots of great handouts.”
– Barclay B.

“Eloise is great! She has so much knowledge and I’m excited to take more of her classes. Love her personality as well.”
– Melissa G., Los Angeles, CA

“Enjoyed the class very much. Great introduction to the deep tissue modality. Looking forward to joining Eloise for the rest of the deep tissue series.”
– Nicolais P., Sherman Oaks, CA

“Entertaining, educational… Excellent!”
– Dominic L.

“Eloises verbal communication with specific words and phrases to use or share with clients was extremely helpful. She is full of very useful and important information.”
– Megan T., Glendale, CA

“Great class. I learned a lot of new material and now feel like the fundamental concepts of deep tissue were clearly explained.”
– Andrew E., Sherman Oaks CA

“Eloise is brilliant as usual. Explaining deep tissue in a vivid & practical way, you’ll fall in love with deep tissue.”
– Dominick S., Newhall CA

“Excellent class! Great technical information as well as application of deep tissue tools. My mind is expanded to a better understanding of techniques as well as the intuition of both giving & receiving the deep tissue massage.”
– Shelly T., Altadena CA

“I thought the instructor was very enthusiastic about her practice, which made class much more endurable as well as enjoyable!”
– Jackie Ryback, La Crescenta

“I liked Eloise’s ability to use stories and past experiences to help us relate to the material better.”
– Anonymous

“I thought Eloise was very informative and I liked her hands on approach to teaching the class.”
– Anonymous

“I like her style! Glad she’s back at the school.”
– Lisa Rouppas, Studio City

“She had great energy and really loves what she does! She was inspiring.”
– Erin Maher, Los Angeles

“She was very entertaining.”
– Christie Dedden, Los Angeles

“She is amazing. I feel honored to be in her class as a student.”
– Coco Olinger, Alta Loma

“She is a lot of fun!”
– Anonymous

“This was a wonderful class! I learned techniques to work with more pressure without hurting myself. The next day I had an interview at a local, prestigious spa where they specifically asked for firm pressure. I don’t think I would have gotten the job without having taken this class!”
– Halimah Veon, Los Angeles CA

“I had an awesome experience in the DT Fundamental Class with Eloise. She showed us different hands-on techniques which I was able to apply in my Chair class for our final.  I got a nice review on my deltoid work and have Eloise to thank for my improvement.”
– Laura Weston, Montrose CA

“I love the way that different concepts were integrated into the work. I’ve already done deep tissue, and I still learned something.”
– Eva Galindo, Canoga Park CA

“I enjoyed the way Eloise taught.  She has an excellent way of explaining concepts and making them very understandable and fun.”
– Julie Buzzelli, Montrose CA


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