Hands On Healing Reviews– Chair Massage II

Instructor:  Alison Plesset

“Alison is a great instructor. The new material will enhance my routine. Although the class was fun and informative, I felt the handout could have been worded better. It was dense with information, but I found it hard to follow. I will continue to practice and build confidence with the strokes.”
-Dionne F., Los Angeles, CA

“Loved this class. It was great to learn alternative seating and techniques.”
-Gary C., North Hollywood, CA

“I enjoyed learning new techniques to incorporate into my chair practice. I love how these techniques can benefit the whole body, even in a five minute massage.”
-Roxy T., La Crescenta, CA

 “Being able to learn multiple techniques and stretches, away from the standard positions of the patient, whether sitting straight up or backwards on the chair, was invaluable.”
-Christopher S., Valencia, CA