Sports Fitness Fusion Massage
(formerly Workout Companion Massage)

Instructor:  Frances Nicolais
21 hours    $328.00

Course description:

Sports Fitness Fusion Massage is an eclectic combination of bodywork styles based on structural integration techniques (Myofascial Release/Trigger Points/Muscle Energy) and Asian traditions (Shiatsu/Thai). Similar to physical therapy concepts, Sports Fitness Fusion Massage is a simple “whole-body approach” that helps to increase freedom of movement, reduce postural imbalances and relieve chronic areas of tension and injury developed through everyday life or basic non-sports related workouts. Learn how to safely use your own thumbs, forearms, elbows, legs and feet to enhance the client’s experience, while educating them on the benefits of client participation, such as deep breathing, softening, and contract/relax. Perfect for athletic (gyms and Yoga/Pilates studios) and medical environments, where clients can wear workout clothes or other loose clothing, although Sports Fitness Fusion Massage can be performed through the towel or sheet and on dry skin.

Required Materials:

  • Set of twin sheets
  • Workout clothing
  • Notebook


  • MT250, Introduction to Fascial Anatomy, or any JF Barnes MFR seminar.

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