Complete Shiatsu Course “Overview”
Instructor: Gil Adams
Level I 24 Hours     $375
Level II 24 Hours    $375

The Introductory Shiatsu Course is the Foundation of the “Traditional Chinese Medicine” (TCM) which sets up the understanding to “Qi or Ki” (Energies) as Yin- being Cold, Dark and Interior. Yang – being Warm, Light and Exterior. “Qi or Ki” is present in all opposites we experience such as night and day, hot and cold, growth and decay. And although Yin and Yang may be perceived as opposites, they are inseparable. The recognition of one is essential to the recognition of the other. The balance between them is like the motion of night and day: at the instant of darkness reaches its zenith at midnight, the cycle has begun to flow steadily toward dawn. At noon, the zenith of light, the day begins slowly to turn towards the darkness of night. All the internal organs of the body are subject to this nocturnal – diurnal swing of the universe.

This world view holds further that “Qi or Ki”, manifesting as Yin / Yang, makes up the universe in the form of five elements which are: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water.   These five elements also represent our bodily constitution as human beings, making us one with the universe. “Qi or Ki” flows into our bodies, up from the earth in its Yin form and down from the heavens in its Yang form. The energy channels in our bodies through which these energies moves are called “Meridians”.

These “Meridians” do not directly correspond to any anatomical component recognized by Western Medicine. The best way to understand the flow of “Qi or Ki” through the meridians is to compare it to the flow of blood in our veins and arteries.   If our blood does not reach our toes, they become dead. If our Blood does not flow freely, we have high or low blood pressure.   If our blood clots, we have an embolism or a stroke. Similarly, unbalanced or stagnant “Qi or Ki” can cause many diseases and ailments. In fact, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is based on the principle that every illness, ailment, and discomfort in the body can be explained in terms of an imbalance of “Qi or Ki”.

Each Meridian is related to one of the five elements. For example, the Heart Meridian is related to the element Fire, the Kidney and Bladder to Water. Along the Meridians are Pressure Points or “gateways” special places where “Qi or Ki” can become blocked. With the help of a trained practitioner, its flow can be freed and balance restored.

Out of the belief system of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) arose many healing methods, all directed to the balancing of “Qi or Ki”. Acupuncture, Tui na, Anma, Moxibustion, and special practices such as Tai Chi Chaun, Chi Chong, are among the primary methods used along with Herbal remedies in China for centuries.

Japanese unique and special Healing Body Work.

In the 10th century, Japanese monks began to study Buddhism in China. They observed the healing methods of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and took them back to Japan. In Japan, the practice of medicine, but also began to enhance its methods by new combinations, including Zen Buddhism’s relaxed and focused energies eventually achieving a unique Japanese form of healing they called Shiatsu . This transformation of Chinese Medicine became uniquely Japanese.

Japanese Shiatsu combined the principals of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with practices similar to acupuncture but preformed without needles. Added to this healing focus of the art of Shiatsu is the Zen incorporated with psychological and spiritual dimensions transcending purely physical applications.

Shiatsu is the Japanese word: “Shi” meaning Finger, and “Atsu” meaning pressure. But Shiatsu is more than acupressure. It is a combination of many different techniques, including pressing, hooking, sweeping, shaking, rotating, grasping, vibrating, patting, plucking, lifting, pinching, rolling, tapping, brushing. These are the physical techniques which we add to these the awareness of psychological and spiritual concentration to direct our Shiatsu for healing and balancing the body. No needles, creams, oils, machines, devices, or other paraphernalia are needed for the experience of a complete Shiatsu. Shiatsu establishes a special rapport between the practitioner and client, because Shiatsu relies on the simple but powerful experience of touch to awaken the client’s own self-healing powers. This “touch communication” between practitioner and client is foundational to all healing the uniqueness of Shiatsu. Continual diagnosis is part of the Shiatsu treatment. This is a supportive system which is reciprocal, interdependent, and cooperative between giver and receiver. The healing energy and awareness build in this synergy for both practitioner and client. When Shiatsu improves and restores balance the bodies immune system is strengthen.   Shiatsu truly becomes preventive health care.


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