Sharon Munatones

CMT #7505

Sharon graduated from the Hands on Healing Institute’s CMT Program in 2006 and continued to study while building her private practice and completing the HHI Teacher’s Training Program. Sharon loves the mind, body, spirit concept, nature and massage. With 18 years of counseling experience working in the mental health field as a behavioral counselor, with children’s programs for the YMCA and for Nino’s Earth Centro, an environmental awareness program, she has a realistic understanding of the issues that affect our mind/body/spirit connection in today’s world.

Along with teaching classes and providing massage sessions, Sharon is also currently running The Health and Wellness Program for Community Care Center, an IMD hospital in Duarte, California. “With appreciation and gratitude I continue to develop my skills as a massage therapist while sharing with students and clients what my learning experiences have taught me,” says Sharon.

Sharon holds certifications for various modalities such as: Aromatherapy, Gemstone Therapy, Crystal Therapy, Energy Healing, Reflexology, Vibration/Sound Therapy, Heated Stone Massage, Chair Massage, Thai Massage, and many more.