Instructors:  Cynthia  & Stephanie Ameson

“I enjoyed the manner in which the mystical elements are explained with clarity.” (Crystals & Stones)
-Janet K., Los Angeles, CA

“I loved working with crystals. Very wonderful and magical. Stephanie & Cynthia are great teachers!” (Crystals & Stones)
-Angela C., Los Angeles, CA

“Completely changed the way I interact with my rocks/crystals. So much healing happened in the class for me. Loved it!” (Crystals and Stones 2017)
-Emily C., Tujunga, CA

“Amazing, life changing, powerful. A must have for everyone.” (Reiki II)
-Emily C., Tujunga, CA

“This class (Reiki II) helps to introduce the Reiki concept which are as simple and complex as the practioner wants them to be. Whether you are moving to practice this or not it is a good tool to have on hand.”
-Kate F., Los Angeles, CA

“I am excited to continue learning more with Cynthia and Stephanie in Reiki III soon!”
-Christina A., Pasadena, CA

“Great class! I will put what I learned into practice.”
-Chris Q., Pasadena, CA

“It was exactly what I needed to further enhance my bodywork practice as well as self maintenance.”
-Charlene L., San Gabriel, CA

“Great class, wonderful teachers. They included a lot of information about self-care and grounding. Love how down to earth and approachable they are. I look forward to taking Reiki II.”
-Christina A., Pasadena, CA

“Great class! Cynthia and Stephanie were very informative. You can tell their knowledge and years of experience come through in their teaching style.”
-Dionne F., Los Angeles, CA

“I really liked the class. I was a skeptic and now a believer. Learned a lot of grounding exercises and as a receiver had incredible journey. As a giver felt natural and I’m excited to keep exploring and being curious about energy work.
-Roxy T., La Crescenta, CA

“I’ve taken other energy modalities, but this one spoke to me like no other. It is very Buddist-like, but still it’s own way of thinking. It’s also just a great class to learn how to be grounded and utilize Reiki to boost your own practice. Thank you.”
– Matt H., Irvine, CA

“Cynthia and Stephanie are the best instructors I have experienced. The classes were not only informative they were encouraging and calming. I can’t wait for Reiki III.”
-Sheila G., Montrose, CA

“I thoroughly enjoyed this class and learned so much about energy. The teachers are super smart and knowledgeable. I am so happy I took this class and have much more knowledge now.”
– Jeanne-Marie B., Northridge, CA

“Cynthia and Stephanie are amazing instructors. I think they are in tune with the students. They are compassionate, helpful and have our best interest at heart. They are extremely passionate and knowledgeable about Reiki.”
-Courtney G., Burbank, CA

“I loved this class. Cynthia and Stephanie have fabulous metaphysical ability plus intellectual capacity enough to teach Reiki sensibly.”
-Janet K., Sylmar, CA

“Great! I think everyone should take this class. I learned a lot about myself. Great techniques for grounding yourself too.”
-Angela C., Los Angeles, CA