MT550 – Massage Therapy 550 Hour Program

Our MT550 hour Program is required for therapists who want to apply for the State Certification as a Massage Therapist through the California Massage Therapy Council (CAMTC). This certification allows massage therapists to practice in any city in California. Certification for Massage The state requires a certificate of completion for the a CAMTC approved school as well as passing the MBLEx test.

To be able to apply for State Certification and earn a certificate you will need to take our MT550 Program, which includes 450 Core Curriculum hours, 50 student clinic hours and 50 electives hours.  When you have completed the program, and passed any and all applicable tests you may apply to the CAMTC for State Certification as a Massage Therapist.  Once you apply you should request that we send in your Transcripts which will include a breakdown of our MT550 Program and any electives you have taken with us. To see all the details and pricing for our MT550 hour Program CLICK HERE.

Visit the CAMTC website to learn about the steps to take to apply for State Certification.

Recommended 50 Elective Hours

Although the choice of electives are up to you, some of the classes we recommend are:

*These classes will help you to learn how to better run your business, keep your clients happy and give you some foundation for working at a spa.

Total Estimated cost of the MT550 Program (which includes MT450 Core Curriculum, 50 Student Clinc hours and 50 Elective hours) is $7,195.

To download MT550 Application Click Here.

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