Massage Therapy Program

Hands on Healing Institute is a holistic school teaching the connection of the mind, body and spirit to facilitate healing.  We believe that just learning the technique of massage is not enough to facilitate healing.

Throughout the MT550 Program you will be taught how to connect to and help facilitate healing in your client through:

  • Proper touch
  • Grounding
  • Centering
  • Being totally present
  • Setting the right intention

 You will be learning from teachers who practice what they teach and love sharing their knowledge.

We have created a loving, safe environment for you to learn and grow…spiritually, emotionally and physically.  You will learn much about yourself, your bodies and your emotions.  Our students tell us that their experience at HHI is life changing. We have often heard our therapists say they feel as good as their clients after giving a massage.

Our Advanced Electives for continuing education offer many hours of a wide variety of courses. You can add to your certified hours, continue your education and understand more fully the mind, body, spirit connection to facilitate healing.  The choices of what modalities and how many hours of training you wish to accumulate are up to you.

If you are looking for a holistic and healing profession that enables you to help others while helping yourself, massage therapy is right for you. You can help change the world one client at a time.

Open Houses for Massage Therapy Programs

Come to Hands on Healing Institute and meet us in person!!! We invite all new students to come to one of our Open Houses to visit the school and meet our staff of healing practitioners who genuinely care about their clients, profession and the mind, body and spirit connection.

An informational overview of our philosophy and massage programs will be presented. Students are encouraged to ask plenty of questions. It is also a great opportunity to meet other new students and start forming friendships. Open Houses are held in our upstairs classroom.

Open House Extravaganza will be Sunday, 3 June 2018 from 4:00pm – 5:30pm

If you’re unable to come to an Open House you can schedule a private interview and tour the school. Call 818-951-5811 to set up an appointment.

To be accepted into one of our Programs you will need to attend and Open House or schedule a private interview and submit your Confidential Application for Admission and your Enrollment Agreement forms and a copy of your high school diploma or GED.  You will find these forms for downloading on the Admissions page.

California Massage Therapy Council

The California Massage Therapy Council’s website will give you all the information you need for the California State Certification process for massage therapists. This Certification process was created to protect the public, and to understand the laws and regulations governing the massage profession. You can also add yourself to their email list for updates.

Need Transcripts?

Email  administration to request transcript information or formal transcripts. HHI charges a $15 handling fee for each official transcript. This includes postage and handling. Allow 7-10 business days for processing. 

Employment Information

For updated information on massage therapist occupational employment & wages visit the U. S. Department of Labor website.

2018 Program Breakdown and START DATES:

Winter Session January 15 – June 21, 2018 (450 Hours)
Day Class: Monday – Friday 9:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.
Student Clinic To Be Announced (50 Hours)
Elective time frame will vary depending on classes chosen (50 Hours)

Summer Session July 2 – December 14, 2018

Admission is based upon student character, ability to satisfy financial commitments, and ability to complete the coursework as determined by submission of a completed application form, attendance of an Open House or a scheduled interview. In addition, the applicant must:

  • Submit copy of High School Diploma, GED or ATB (Ability to Benefit) test
  • How do I obtain a copy of my high school transcript?
    • In order to obtain a copy of your high school transcript, you should contact the high school from which you graduated or its school district office. School districts are required by law to maintain copies of your high school academic record (transcript). School contact information can be located through the CDE School Directory.
  • How do I obtain a copy of my General Education Development (GED) results?
    • Results of GED exams can be obtained from the State GED Office or call 866-370-4740.
  • How do I obtain a copy of my California High School Proficiency Exam (CHSPE) results?
    • For more information on how to obtain copies of CHSPE, see the CHSPE Results and Transcripts (Outside Source). If you have questions about the CHSPE or your results, you can e-mail or call 916-445-8420.
  • Review & submit filled out Enrollment & Admissions forms.
  • Have a reasonable command of the English language.
  • Be at least eighteen years of age.
  • Be physically fit enough to receive and perform massage.
  • Have a serious intention to help others.


Day Class: Monday – Friday 9:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.
Evening Class: To Be Announced
Student Clinic To Be Announced (50 Hours)
Elective schedule will vary depending on classes chosen (50 Hours)


  • MT550 Massage Therapy Program $7,195 + books (Not Included)
  • $100.00 NON-REFUNDABLE Registration Fee
  • $220.00 PARTIALLY REFUNDABLE Student Bundle which includes:
    • NON-REFUNDABLE – ABMP Student Liability Insurance $50.00; HHI Course Manual $42.00
    • REFUNDABLE – Transcript Fee $15.00; Hold All Holster $20.00; ½ gal Biotone Dual Purpose Cream $45.00; Flannel Sheet Set $33.00; HHI Tote Bag $15.00 (Refundable only if unopened, unused, and within 10 days of School receiving written cancellation of drop date.)
  • $6,875.00 REFUNDABLE TUITION FEE – (see Pro-Rated Withdrawal/Refund Policy

NOTE: Students will need to purchase the following books. Needed first day of class. Book links will take you to  You can purchase used books.


The following is an optional interest-fee payment plan should a student
need to pay the tuition in installments:

REGISTRATION        DUE UPON ENROLLMENT                                          $320.00*

1st PAYMENT            DUE FIRST DAY OF CLASS                                         $875.00

2nd-8th PAYMENT  DUE EVERY THREE WEEKS                                       $750.00

TOTAL                                                                                                                  $7,195.00

*Includes Registration Fee and Student Bundle

Credit Cards are accepted over the phone.
Late Fees: A $25.00 late fee will be charged for non-payment of tuition over 3 days late. If an account is delinquent beyond 3 days, a Director’s approval is required in order to continue attending.
Cancellation Fee: A $25.00 cancellation fee will be charged for all returned checks.
Refunds: Elective cancellation requires two days notice in order to be refunded.
There is a $15.00 fee for all returned insufficient fund checks.


Subject                        Lecture           Lab Hours        Clock Hours
*Medical Terminology           8                 0                8
*Anatomy & Physiology          49                0                49
*Contraindications             32                0                32
*Health/Hygiene                14                0                14
*Ethics                        23                0                23
Swedish Massage                0                 160              160
Therapeutic Deep Touch         0                 136              136
*Business & Marketing          20                0                20
Chair Massage                  0                 8                8
Total Clock Hours:                                                450

*State Certification requirements


Anatomy & Physiology: Students will learn the structures and functions of the 11 body systems; how to identify the major muscles, bony landmarks, and joints of the body, and to understand how massage induces the parasympathetic nervous system and contributes to the body’s homeostasis.

Business Practices & Marketing: This class gives students the skills needed to begin and promote a successful massage practice. Some of the subjects discussed are: business cards, licensing, places of possible employment, types of clients you would like to work on and much more. This is the class where all your questions are answered.

Intro to Chair Massage: Basic techniques of chair massage and a “15 minute” therapeutic chair massage routine will be demonstrated and practiced. Simple business ideas for massage will be discussed and students will learn First Aid tips for chair massage. This modality is becoming highly popular and can be offered on-site at offices, health food stores, marathons, schools, and more.

Health/Hygiene: This class will give the students the knowledge needed to protect themselves and their clients through health and hygiene.

Ethics: Ethics of massage therapy will be studied and discussed. ABMP code of ethics will also be reviewed.

Kinesiology: Kinesiology is the science of human movement, focusing on how the body moves by the actions of muscular contraction, working against the stable platform of bone, acting across joints. In this introductory Kinesiology class, we will study the structure and movement of joints as well as the shape of individual muscles and where and how they attach to the bones. Incorporating the knowledge of the type of joint plus the location of the muscle on the bones, illustrates what movement is possible.

Music & Massage: This innovative class focuses on an important element of a professional massage therapist’s practice: the music. Experience the effects of various genres of music on freedom and style of body movement, fluidity, emotion, and memory. Learn invaluable information about how music affects our movement and flow.

The Fascial Web (Structural Bodywork): This class introduces a therapeutic model of bodywork, a category referred to as structural bodywork. It introduces the student to a specialized approach to doing deeper massage work. This work can stand alone as modalities like deep tissue, myofascial release and sports massage or can be integrated into a wellness therapy such as Swedish massage. Benefits can include increased range of motion, ease of movement, improved posture, increased healing of injured areas, and increased athletic performance.

Swedish Massage: Massage therapy is an ancient healing art. This course focuses on the power of touch and how massage affects the mind, body and spirit and helps to facilitate the body’s healing process. The importance of health & hygiene, indications and contraindications for massage are also studied. The emphasis of the practical training is a 50-minute and an 80-minute, full-body Swedish massage routine. The five basic Swedish strokes are taught: effleurage, petrissage, friction, vibration and tapotement, and their variations. Students not only learn the basics of massage; but also are encouraged to develop their own style. Interrelated topics are also taught during Swedish classes including: meditation as a tool for massage therapists to help in calming the mind and focusing before a session; and breathwork techniques and guided dialogue to expand your capacity for freedom, power, and joy; and, movement awareness, giving you a conscious experience of lasting ease and relaxation in your body. These skills are essential to training and needed in order to help others through massage.

Students are taught proper body mechanics and how to work with less effort and more ease in gravity, in order to stay more centered and flexible. It introduces the practitioner to a specialized approach to doing deeper massage work. Specific skills include advanced use of tools, including a range of angles of fingers, hands, soft fist and ulna to sculpt, shape and stretch connective tissue. This class also refines the practitioner’s ability of Listening Touch, focusing on the internal process of the client, deepening the partnership of client and therapist.

Contraindications: This class introduces the student to the contraindications for massage.

Medical Terminology: This class introduces the student to the specific medical terminology (anatomical planes, joint types, range of motion terms) used in all the Anatomy, Physiology, and Kinesiology classes.


E-mail us regarding our MT550 Massage Therapy Programs or call us (818) 951-5811 if you have any questions and let us know if you wish to receive e-mails with new class schedules and Open House dates.


Also, read what our students say about their experiences at the Hands on Healing Institute massage therapy programs and advanced elective classes.