Lymphatic Massage
Instructor:  Dan Cohen
28 hours     $428 + Jade Roller (extra cost)


Course description:
Integrate Lymphatic Massage into your practice.  Learn to give a full hour and/or to give a full hour on the table and a half hour seated.  Make it part of your massage routine. The Lymphatic System is often over looked but can give dramatic relief to your clients.  Drain sinus congestion, Assist the immune system, Reduce inflammation, Speed healing from injury or surgery and there is so much more you can do with Lymphatic massage.

In class we will explore the lymphatic anatomy in relation to body functionality.  You will learn the soft touch of Lymphatic Massage and experience it.  We will practice working this gentle modality into a massage routine. The second day will be all hands on using manual stokes and learning how to use Chinese Jade Rollers (the ancient cold stone technique) for a full body lymphatic massage treatment.  Rollers will be available for purchase in class or through the office.

The second part of class will further your knowledge of Lymphatic Massage and the Lymphatic Anatomy and how you can affect functionality.  Learn how to integrate lymphatic massage into specific massage modalities. Body zone applications are discussed.  Learn to work an area when other modalities are contraindicated.  Find out why the Lymphatic System is vital in prevention and working with Cancer recovery, especially gender related Cancers. This class will be mostly hands on.

In addition to MTs, PTs and OTs, we welcome Estheticians, and others who want to learn how to use Lymphatic Massage with their therapies.

Prerequisite:  No prerequisite – Lymphatic Massage I is open to all health care professionals who work with the body.

Required Material:  Set of twin sheets and pillowcase

NOTE:  Any student who has taken previously offered Lymphatic Massage I is able to take this class at half price.



Lymphatic Massage Lab
Instructor:  Dan Cohen
12 hours     $212


Course description:
Lymphatic Massage Lab continues building on the knowledge obtained in Lymphatic Massage  and will give you an opportunity to exchange information about your experiences with Lymphatic Massage.


  • Lymphatic Massage

Required Material:

  • Set of twin sheets and pillowcase

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