Lomi Lomi: The Bodywork of Aloha
Instructor:  Laura Apoliona
21  Hours                $328

Class description:
Lomi Lomi is the traditional Hawaiian art of healing massage and bodywork. It is the ultimate in therapeutic “TLC.” True Lomi Lomi “comes from God to the heart and through the hands” of the practitioner, as taught by Laura’s master teacher in Hawaii, Nerita Machado; Auntie Margarets’s daughter. The spirit and practice of Lomi Lomi is a combination of deep tissue, the long fluid strokes of Swedish massage, and energy work, but very different as it is a “praying work”.

This modality soothes the spirit and mind and is excellent for those suffering emotional trauma or even day to day stress. Lomi Lomi leaves you feeling refreshed and balanced, relieves sore muscles, easing tension therefore allowing structural realignment restoring energy flow and general feeling of well-being and peace. In this class you will learn Aunty Margaret’s style of Lomi Lomi as it was taught to Laura by Aunty’s daughter, Nerita.

Required Material:

  • Set of sheets with pillowcase
  • Massage cream or Lotion
  • Notebook


  • Must be a Body Worker
  • Lomi Lomi Fundamentals or have taken a Lomi Lomi class previously

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