Lomi Lomi Fundamentals – Student Reviews
Instructor: Laura Apoliona

“The instructor showed an amazing presentation of Lomi Lomi massage. She is very spiritual and knows very well how to do it. I would love to have a session with her. I learned a lot.”
-Elena T., Los Angeles, CA

“This class was interesting and fun. Laura is a very good instructor with her knowledge of Lomi Lomi and Hawaiian history. The Lomi Lomi modality is more fluid flow and less work on the body preventing injuries.”
-Richard R., Covina, CA

“Love this class! Great intro to Lomi Lomi. Loved the history and got a flavor of what it is about. The demo was great! Very artful and makes me want to learn more.”
-Cynthia Y., Los Angles, CA

“A rich and warm introduction to not only Lomi lomi, but the heritage and culture of Hawaii itself. Laura makes you love the history, art, and soul of the tradition well before showing any strokes. Thanks so much for your presence and instruction.”
-Michael L., Los Angeles, CA

“Great instructor. I look forward to the next class.”
-Chris Q., Pasadena, CA

“Nice lesson on Hawaiian culture and massage. Teacher is really cool and caring.”
-James H., La Canada, CA

“It was an informative, fun class. Laura is a skilled instructor.”
-Maureen L., Los Angeles, CA