Laura Apoliona

CMT #29907

Laura received her original massage therapist education at the Hands on Healing Institute and her Lomi Lomi training in Kona, Hawaii. Laura has found her specialty in the structural therapy of Myofascial Release and has been trained by Frances Nicolais through the Focus on Fascia classes at Hands on Healing. Laura teaches the Focus on Fascia – Myofascial Stretching and Lomi Lomi here at HHI.

Laura’s Hawaiian ancestry is the basis for her infusion of Myofascial Release with Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, combining effective structural integration while utilizing the profound benefits of simple relaxation. Pregnancy and postpartum massage are also a special pleasure for Laura. She also offers post-natal realignment and breast-care and teaches new families infant massage to bloom parent-baby bonding and provide babies relief from colic and teething pain. Laura also is an Equine MFR therapist, using her gifted touch to help heal horses, as well as riders.