Dear Community,

Being a massage therapist is a wonderful profession. It can be creative, rewarding, and actually fun to do. It is an expression of your heart and soul, and your hands are the vehicle. Massage lets you actualize your spirit’s call to be of service in a way that also nurtures you. The ripple effect of your caring spreads well beyond your reach, and it becomes a sort of practical peace work. People are happy to see you – and you get to pay your the rent by helping other lives be better!

Being in massage school is usually one of the best periods of a person’s life. You meet like-minded people, with similar good intentions, and you learn so much about yourself in the process of learning to do massage. School is often transformative for a massage student. You receive massage most days as well as give it, and often students bodies change for the better while in school. Plus, in learning how to listen to clients, and to hold space for them, you deepen your own emotional intelligence. 

Our teachers are all working therapists, who want to ‘give back’ to the profession that has nurtured them. We are excited to help you actualize yourself into this new path – in the special way that fits your own path. 

Eloise Albrecht, L.Ac
Director of Education, Hands on healing Institute

“The body cannot be cured without regard for the soul.”   Socrates
“True healing is found in the memory of wholeness”   Deepak Chopra