Introduction to Fascial Anatomy

Instructor:  Frances Nicolais
6 Hours      $112

Course description:
Students will develop a greater understanding of the structure and function of Myofascial connective tissue through Introduction to Fascial Anatomy, a multi-leveled, fun and interesting class. Introduction to Fascial Anatomy will prepare students for the Focus on Fascia (Myofascial Release) track.

The class will watch Lesson #1 on Sean Reihl’s Beginning Myofascial Release video and practice self-fascial movement techniques.  This is a dynamic video and describes our beginnings as pure fascial entities.

Students will receive an introduction to the anatomy trains and practice body readings to evaluate fascial restrictions.  These fascial readings are fascinating tools to determine where someone’s true problems originate. Students will practice simple arm pulls to feel the fascial barrier, and get to experience group unwindings. And if time allows, students will be able to end this class learning some self-releasing techniques for their own fascia.

Prerequisite for:

  • All Focus on Fascia courses
  • All Trigger Point courses
  • Fitness Fusion (formerly Workout Companion Massage
  • Chair III

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