Introduction to Chinese Medicine Philosophy
Instructor:  Eloise Albrecht

Oriental Medicine has, at its core, a completely different paradigm than Western medicine.  Chinese Medicine and Oriental Medicine sees people as inseparable from the world around them, and the patterns of Nature are as evident in individual people as they are in meteorology or geology.  Western medicine has as its core questions – “What is disease – and what can we do about it?”  The core questions of Oriental Medicine are “What is the natural state of health, how does it change from perfect health to dis-ease, and how can we shift back toward the ideal?”

Modern Oriental Medicine is based on two books, both about 2,000 years old, and the root of the pattern of thought is understandable via Taoism – a philosophy that pre-dates Confucianism and Hinduism in China.  The Chinese Medicine philosophy is at once both as simple as the difference between hot and cold and light and dark – which becomes incredibly difficult to ascribe to the person standing in front of you.

This class in Chinese Medicine is given in three sections – the first is appropriate for anyone who is curious about the subject. The second goes a bit deeper into the concepts introduced in the first part, and is geared toward people who are interested in applying these ideas to health care that they give or receive. The third section is definitely for people who are studying this as health care workers.

Introduction to Chinese Medicine Philosophy Part I
Instructor:  Eloise Albrecht
18 hours                           $305

Course Description:
Historical perspectives of Eastern & Western medicine; Introduction to Taoism; Yin and Yang; Qi, Shen & Jing – The “Three Treasures”; and the Five Elements of Oriental Medicine. Introduction to how these ideas relate to the healing modalities of acupuncture and herbalism, breath-work or Qi Gong, Chinese Medicine dietary therapy, and Tuina – the Medicine massage modality.

Introduction to Chinese Medicine Philosophy Part II
Instructor:  Eloise Albrecht
21 hours                         $328

Course description: 
A deeper look into Qi and its circulation through the body’s meridian system and the internal organs – how it works well and how it goes wrong and becomes dis-ease.

Introduction to Chinese Medicine Philosophy Part III
Instructor:  Eloise Albrecht
11 hours                        $197

Course Description:
Oriental diagnosis, meridian palpation, Intro to Tuina. There will be handouts and suggestions for further reading.

Introduction to Chinese Medicine Philosophy Part IV and V

We are continuing to develop our Chinese Medicine Philosophy Program.  The remaining 2 classes are 4-hour classes. We will post the schedule later; these last classes will be scheduled depending on students’ schedules.

Chinese Medicine Philosophy Books and Ordering Books

The two best introductory books are Between Heaven and Earth, by Harriet Beinfield and Efrem Korngold and The Web That Has No Weaver, by Ted J. Kaptchuk, O.M.D.  Between Heaven and Earth is easier to read, and has a more emotional influence.  The Web That Has No Weaver is more technical, but if you are thinking about going to acupuncture school, it is what you need to know. Both books can be ordered through the HHI website links below.

Ordering Books

Click on the links to order books we recommend for Chinese Medicine Philosophy
Order Between Heaven and Earth
Order The Web That Has No Weaver

Between Heaven and Earth is easier to read but if you are considering becoming an acupuncturist, The Web That Has No Weaver is a book we recommend to have in your library.

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