Eloise Albrecht

CMT #11435

Eloise has been rubbing people the right way since 1975. She went to school for massage in Gainesville, Florida in 1994, and has been working steadily as a massage therapist ever since. She has trained in many different modalities – NMT, Shiatsu, Reflexology, Trager, Deep Tissue, and Reiki, to name just a few. Eloise most enjoys her own style: ‘sneaky deep tissue’. “Deep tissue massage does not have to be painful – in fact, when you actually get to the level of sensation that is pain, you are doing more injury than good,” says Eloise. “What I laughingly refer to as ‘sneaky deep tissue’ refers to the idea that the muscles let go at their own pace, and when the therapist follows the muscles ‘lead’, instead of forcing them, deep work can happen that will hold longer and bring about true transformation.”

Eloise was involved in the formation of our school 10 years ago, and was one of the first teachers here. She went back to the East Coast and became a New York State acupuncturist, but we are thrilled to have her back teaching the Deep Tissue Program and her “sneaky deep tissue” once again!