Betsy Trapasso

TBI, TBP, MSW, CMT #10535

While traveling through Thailand, Betsy experienced Thai massage for the first time and it was then that she decided to study this amazing spiritual and energetic massage. Betsy was working as a hospice social worker in Los Angeles at the time and she knew that her clients, their families, and their caregivers would love to receive Thai massage.

Since 2003 Betsy has studied with master Thai massage teacher in Thailand, US, and Canada. From 2004-2009 Betsy served as the Assistant Instructor to Chuck Duff at the internationally respected Thai Bodywork School of Thai Massage in Evanston, IL. She was an essential part of the development of the Thai Bodywork school into a world-class center. Through Thai Bodywork, Betsy is a Certified Thai Bodywork Instructor and Certified Thai Bodywork Practitioner.

In 2010 Betsy returned to LA where she currently teaches and practices Thai massage through her company. Betsy loves to share her enthusiasm and passion for Thai massage as she helps others discover the heart and joy of this wonderful art. Betsy is also an end of life guide, educator, advocate and speaker. As an end of life guide, Betsy loves to incorporate Thai massage and other healing modalities into hospice and end-of-life care.