Gil Adams

CMT #53457

Japanese Shiatsu training for over35 years. Hakkoryu JuJutsu, Menkyo Kaiden San Dai Kichu Nanadan Shihan licensed #3308 (Master Teacher, Teacher of Teachers). Hakkoryu’s “Koho Shiatsu Igaku”, Licensed Therapist and currant assisting Teacher to the Ryuha’s American “Koho Shiatsu Igaku” courses. Taizan Ryu Shiatsu (Peaceful Mountain Style) Shiatsu Therapist and licensed Teacher of the traditions of Japanese body works. In Japan Shiatsu is not considered a “Massage” but a distinguished method of Japanese body work. Shi means “finger” and Atsu means “pressure” (Finger Pressure). The sole purpose of this traditional style is assisting the “Body’s own Immune System in Natural Healing”. The Shiatsu is deeply rooted in Chinese Medicine. Shiatsu is referred to as “Acupuncture without needles”. Shiatsu addresses issues of “Deficiency and Excess to balance the functions of the body”. Shiatsu has many benefits, Relaxation, improved circulation, restored energy, improved range of motion, and eliminating pain. Shiatsu is a concentration and deliverance of energies between “Therapist and Client” which no two Shiatsus are the same. Shiatsu is a complete “Head to toe” therapy