Cynthia Ameson

CMT #35955

Cynthia first came to HHI in 2011, having been touched—that is, deeply moved—by the healing power of massage therapy, and seeking to share this touch with others. Already certified in Reiki and a long-time metaphysical practitioner, she sprinted through her 500 hours to MT certification within a year, exploring a number of modalities including Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Craniosacral Therapy, and Aromatherapy. Over her years of study she has found that although every modality she has encountered is unique in its approach to healing, the core is always the same—the fostering of healing through safe, loving, connective touch, whether that touch physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. Now, in addition to her own bodywork practice and running metaphysical workshops, she teaches the Kinesiology & Deep Tissue Track at HHI with Eloise Albrecht—a modality which, in her opinion, is the ideal marriage of the instinct and the intellect for crafting deeply moving touch. As a teacher, her aim is to help you find the shape that fits you best—to tailor the learning and the technique into a form that is optimal to you.