Energy Therapy & Applied Energetic Touch Classes
Instructor: Andrea Schally


Hands on Healing offers a 100-hour Energy Therapy & Applied Energetic Touch Program for all students interested in exploring a modality that focuses on subtle energies, as well as physical energies for both self-care and integrating Energy Therapy into their bodywork practice. Chakras, energy fields, meridians, universal energy flows, electricity, sound, vibration, frequency, and energetic touch are just a few expressions in the broad field of Energy Therapy. Modalities in this field have different names such as energy healing, energy medicine, vibrational healing, sound healing, and chakra healing. Energy Therapy is most commonly defined as using methods that alter and influence the physical and subtle energy systems of the physical and subtle bodies.

Andrea has developed HHI’s Energy Therapy & Applied Energetic Touch Program to guide students on an exploration of energy with a simple down-to-earth approach. She teaches Energy Therapy with an approachable understanding of energy awareness through all five senses. Students will learn how to apply subtle energies and energetic touch to support the healing process of issues from pain and emotional trauma that the client needs or wants to address.

In her own life, Andrea has been able to see and work with subtle energies since she was a child.  She has a natural sensitivity to the energies of the human body and nature.  Through years of practice and training in different modalities she has learned, developed, and experienced how to safely and effectively apply energetic touch to the help her clients through their healing process.  Andrea has also learned when a distressed energy system should and should not be altered, which is not always obvious because many clients want a quick fix. Andrea brings all of her experience with subtle energies and energetic touch to teach students how to cultivate this type of subtle awareness and develop a good energetic healing path for clients.

Energy Therapy and working with energy often opens the door to a very personal, intimate, vulnerable and sensitive area of one’s being.  Using energy, we come into contact with the actions, interactions, thoughts, emotions, and physical functions that affect a person’s health and well-being. Throughout HHI’s Energy Therapy Program, students will learn how to help clients understand, apply and integrate the changes made in the session into their lives and change old patterns of stress, pain and trauma.

Throughout the duration of the Energy Therapy & Applied Energetic Touch Program, we will learn how to become neutral, compassionate, non-judgmental, non-invasive and non-interfering, when applying energetic touch in a session.

NOTE:  To practice Polarity Therapy, any  form of Energy Healing, Reflexology or Aromatherapy you need a license to touch. If you don’t already have a license to touch, we suggest that you take our MT300 Massage Therapy Program.  MT300 plus an additional 200 hours of electives will allow you to apply to the CAMTC for State Certification which is a license to touch.  Most students that have done this have fallen in love with Swedish massage and have another avenue of helping their clients.

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Energy Therapy I: Awareness
Instructor:  Andrea Schally
20 hours         $314

Class description:
In this class we will discover and explore physical and subtle energy. Energy is as natural to us as breath is. We are always in contact with energy and energy fields, and we are affected by it, consciously or unconsciously. The body constantly uses energy to maintain its functioning. The body never stops working, and constantly needs energy. Through the physically working body there is also a constant flow of thoughts and emotions running through. We become conscious of it when we feel and become emotional. All of these activities create the motion, rhythm, and intensities of our energy that emanate out of the body, creating the energy field (aura, electro-magnetic field) around the body.

The history of energy healing, practices and energy medicine will give us more insight into this aspect as well as the many ways energy is used to help people. The student will be also introduced to chakras, aura, electricity, sound, vibrations, and frequency.

The main focus of the beginning class is to bring theory into experience. The student will be learning to become aware of, observe (seeing or feeling) and palpate energy fields. We will begin learning the neutral energetic touch and how to stay neutral and grounded before, during and after the session.

Structure of this Energy Therapy Class:
Energy Modalities and History
• Energy Observation, Palpation, and Neutral Energy Touch
• Lecture
• Hands-on practices
• Exercises to develop the skills of an energy therapist.

Required Materials
Set of Sheets
• Binder or Notebook

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Energy Therapy II: Dynamic
Instructor: Andrea Schally
20 Hours      $314

Class description:
In the Energy Therapy II class we will deepen and strengthen the neutrality as learned in Energy Therapy I, continuing to develop the professional skills of an energy therapist using energetic touch. We will discuss the role and scope of practice of an energy therapist, learn and practice the Energy Therapy Protocol for relaxation.

This class focuses on seeing, feeling and comprehending how energy fields, interact, and how to recognize holding patterns, stagnations and blockages. We will learn to observe and assess how these patterns, stagnations, and blockages affect the client’s health and well-being.

During the practical sessions we will learn how to bring awareness to these patterns, and how to gently reestablish a flow between the physical and subtle energies, so that the body can then take over continuing the healing or changing process on its own.  The main part of this class is practicing the Energy Therapy Protocol for relaxation. As part of learning this protocol the student will deepen the understanding of the body’s self-healing mechanism, the effects on the mind and emotion in the regulatory process, and how to educate and keep the client feeling safe and secure in this process, so that mind chatter and emotional outburst do not disturb the body’s own healing mechanism.

Structure of this Energy Therapy Class:
Building a trusting, non-judgmental relationship with client
• Self-healing mechanism of the body
• Stagnation and Blockages
• Energy Touch Protocol for Relaxation and Harmony

Prerequisite: Energy Therapy I: Awareness

Required Materials:
-Set of Sheets
-Binder or Notebook

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Energy Therapy III: Inquiry
Instructor: Andrea Schally
30 Hours      $471

Class Description:
How do stagnations and blockages interfere with the quality of life and physical health?

How does an energy therapist address these issues, and communicate to the client what changes have been activated during a session?

The Energy III class will address these and continue from the ending point of Energy II.  We will also review and practice everything from Energy I and II.   In Energy III, we will develop a deeper understanding of how stagnations and blockages can interfere with the quality of life and physical health of a person.

Identifying Stagnation and Blockages:
Our nervous minds, charged emotions, aches and pains create blockages and stagnation in the flow of energy throughout the body, emanating it into the outer field. We will learn how to recognize, feel or see blockages and stagnations in the outer field, tracing them back to the body. By recognizing, feeling or seeing blockages and stagnation, we will notice the different intensities, colors, or vibration these energetic anomalies emanate. We also will learn how to harmonize, lighten or dissolve the blockages and stagnation, followed by learning how to strengthen the new flow in the client’s body, so that the client can relate to the new energy flow in the body and feel comfortable with it.”

Prerequisite: Energy Therapy II: Dynamic

Required Materials:
Set of Sheets
• Binder or Notebook

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Energy Therapy IV: Cohesion
Instructor: Andrea Schally
30 hours       $471

Class Description:
This class is where you will practice everything you have learned in Energy I, II and III and bring it all together. With the guidance of the instructor and the practical training dynamic, students will get to improve, perfect, and learn new tools while giving an Energy Therapy session.

Prerequisite: Energy Therapy III: Inquiry

Required Materials:
Set of Sheets
• Binder or Notebook

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“Work with the hands is the apprenticeship of honesty. May the work of your hands be a sign of  gratitude and reverence to the human condition.” Gandhi

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