Focus on Fascia: Myofascial Stretching
Instructors:  Michelle Anderson, CMT / Frances Nicolais, CMT
7 Hours                $122

Class description:
This class will provide students with the fundamentals of fascial stretching for both themselves and to share with their clients. Students will learn how to feel the fascial barrier and waiting for the body to release on it’s own, restoring it to it’s proper length and function. The first class will focus on the lower body and the second class will focus on the upper body. Students will learn how to use fascia balls, chairs, walls and props to enhance their releases and unwinding experience. Students will learn which stretches are appropriate for various conditions, so they can also share this information with their clients to increase their healing, as well. Simple dialoging will be introduced, practiced and experienced.

Required Materials:
Fascia ball – Can be purchased from the school at time of enrollment.
Myofascial Stretching Book by Jill Stedronsky Morton, Brenda Pardy – Available from the instructor during class.

Note: This class is open to the public and can be helpful for those suffering from Fibromyalgia

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