Deep Tissue Fundamentals
Instructor:  Cynthia Ameson
12 hours  $212

Prerequisites: MT300 or massage therapist

Class description:
In this two-day class we explore what it means to do “deep” work, in the literal, physical sense as well as the emotional and spiritual. In an industry dominated by therapists who approach Deep Tissue simply by adding more muscle to their work, we will introduce the concept of “sinking” vs. “pushing”, using your bodyweight and leverage instead of muscle strength, as a way of doing work that is deeper, safer, and better-feeling for both the therapist and the client.

We will cover basic concepts from anatomy, kinesiology, and biomechanics to enhance understanding of the structures that we touch and manipulate in deep work, and begin to conceptualize the relationships between muscles, joints, bones, and range of motion.

We will discuss boundaries, space-holding, and present-centered-awareness in relationship to practicing deep tissue, as well as the possibilities of emotional release and how to handle it when it arises.

Students will then be given the opportunity to experience what “deep” feels like, both as a giver and a receiver, as they learn to use soft-fist, forearm, and elbow to sink in an deliver pressure while using fingers and thumb primarily for palpation. Proper body mechanics is emphasized, and students will learn the basics of how to self-correct. By the end of the class, students will have learned techniques for deeper work that they can easily and safely add to their current massage style, regardless of their knowledge of anatomy or kinesiology. Students will also gain the foundational knowledge that will prepare them for the body-part-specific work of the rest of the Deep Tissue series.
Please wear loose shorts or skirts and tank-type t-shirts for women – the less time spent changing clothes, the more massage time you get.

Materials Required:
Biotone cream

Set of twin sheets and extra face cradle covers.

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