Crystal Therapy
Instructor: Andrea Schally
14 hours      $243 – Does not include crystals*

Course description:
Students will learn how crystals have been used down through history for healing, personal reflection and meditation. Crystal Therapy works well with the human energy field, they can move, absorb, focus, direct and diffuse energy within the body. When the body is unwell or dis-eased it is usually because the person has in some way, lost their balance/natural rhythm.  Working with crystalline energy or crystal healing helps the body to find that natural rhythm again. The crystal’s perfect atomic structure, gives out a resonance of perfection, a pattern for the body to follow.  By attuning to and channeling Divine healing energy and using the crystals as a powerful healing tool, a wonderful healing vibration is achieved.  Crystal Therapy is taught by Andrea Schally who has extensive experience with this a non-invasive therapy, which can be used in conjunction with a number of other therapies and orthodox medicine.

Required Supplies:
At least 6 faceted crystals about 2” length
• Flat sheet and pillowcase

*NOTE:  Crystals can be purchased in class for $10.00 each.

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