Intro to Chair Massage Classes


Alison Plesset, CMT #44093

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Hands On Healing offers the most comprehensive classes to learn Chair Massage. Chair massage is one of the more popular modalities in massage as it offers many benefits to both the therapist and their clients. Massage therapists can offer on-site chair massages in offices, at seminars, conventions, schools, special events, sporting events, farmer’s markets…anywhere they can set up their massage chair. It is one of the most affordable and mobile ways to help people reduce stress and relieve tension. In a corporate setting, chair massages can help increase productivity and boost employee morale.

We encourage our students to learn Chair Massage as one avenue to introducing them to the massage therapy world. Since chair massage is extremely mobile, versatile, and adaptable, our therapists

  • are able to make their own schedules with clients and/or working at events
  • get great visible exposure, especially while working at events
  • gain valuable experience with many different types of clients and health issues
  • fine tune and structure their own Chair Massage routine
  • learn self-marketing because they meet many more potential clients working at events
  • leave events knowing their healing touch has helped people feel better and more relaxed

Introduction to Chair Massage (MT300)

8 CEU hours    $151,

includes face cradle covers and sanitary wipes

• History of chair massage.
• Styles of chair massage.
• Types of massage chairs and how to care for, set up and tear down.
• Learn a basic structural, therapeutic chair massage routine from 10 to 30 minutes.
• This structural routine is used as the basis for all the chair massage classes at HHI.

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Chair Massage I: Enhanced Skills

21 CEU hours    $328,

includes face cradle covers and sanitary wipes

• Fine-tune the basic structural chair routine learned in the HHI MT300 course
• Emphasize proper body mechanics
• Introduction to trigger point therapy for most common trigger points accessible in the massage chair
• Learn extensive chair massage techniques for the lower back, spine, shoulders, arms, hands and neck.
• Learn how to effectively and successfully extend your chair massage business to retail location, private parties, special events, health fairs, etc.
• Students will also gain a better understanding on how to use MFR concepts safely in the chair.
• Experience blindfolded chair massage to increase tactile skills.
Prerequisite: Any basic Chair Massage class (if student has taken Chair 1A in 2014 or prior, there will be a $50 discount)

NOTE:  Any student that has taken previously offered Chair 1A class will be offered $65.00 off Chair Massage 1:  Enhanced Skills fee of $328.00.

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Chair Massage II: Advanced Skills

21 CEU hours    $328,

includes face cradle covers and sanitary wipes

• Extensive techniques for the legs and feet, in three different body positions.
• Great healing techniques for headaches.
• Advanced techniques to work on the body backwards for pregnancy, eye surgery, etc.
• Amazing upright techniques for the neck, pecs and torso.
• Learn excellent routine to use at social events and parties in a regular chair.
• Additional marketing techniques using chair massage at corporations and businesses.
• More emphasis on the connective tissue (fascia).
• Hone your 5-minute chair massage to impress.
• An opportunity to provide a 1-hour routine on a real client!
Prerequisite: Chair Massage I: Enhanced Skills

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Chair Massage III: Focus on Fascia

21 CEU hours    $328,

includes face cradle covers and sanitary wipes

• More complete myofascial release concepts into all the techniques learned in previous chair classes.
• Instruction on quick body reading for structural imbalances before the client even gets on the chair.
• Training to enhance strokes to release the fascia.
• Basic dialoging to educate clients and help them with their own myofascial stretching.
• How to use myofascial release to create a structural balance, greatly improving their client’s healing from the source, not just the symptoms.
• Special bonus-inner oral techniques for TMJ release.

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