Stephanie Ameson, RMT

Certified Reiki Master Teacher



Stephanie experienced a spontaneous and deeply moving whole-person healing experience while hiking near Mount Kurama in Kyoto, Japan. A year later at her first Reiki class she discovered that Reiki had started on Mount Kurama, and her calling became clear. She trained in Animal Reiki with world-renowned expert Kathleen Prasad in 2010, and then became an Ordained Minister and a Certified Reiki Master Teacher in 2012. She believes that Life flows always in the direction of wellbeing when accepted and allowed, and that the body/mind/spirit has powerful self-healing capabilities. Her basic philosophy is that all life is inherently and equally connected, valuable and sacred—and that healing happens when we hold safe, loving, non-judgmental space, which allows us to return to our natural state of wellbeing.